How are you folks doing this summer? I’ve never had so much fun in April-May the past few years…it’s been all about digging my head deep into five volumes of books for the exam always fell on the first Sunday of June, and when it was time to let my hair down, the school reopened.  Freedom is what I associate this summer with. I hope you are having a blast this summer, too. I’m on vacation for a month here in the US. Last afternoon, browsing through racks and racks of neatly lined china, and organizers, I felt like a bull in a china shop.


I’m not fond of Tupperware, and given a chance would like to get rid of all the plastic jars in my kitchen. Imagine my delight on finding white ceramic crockery and vintage jars stacked adjacent to each other :) Don’t you love this  jar?

white crockery



oil dispenser


Framed beauties

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Taken at the Bed, Bath and Beyond Store


  1. laksh

    No, there isn't one, Zaina :( This one is in LA

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