I’m a big fan of open shelves in kitchen for lining up often used spices.  Easy to handle, cheap to install, quick cleaning and scores high on the look factor…what more can one ask for! And, for renters, nothing is more easier than a open shelving system to add storage space . What do you think of these?

Open shelves in kitchen
Open shelves in kitchen
More stuff...though a lil cluttered
More stuff...though a li'l cluttered

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  1. This looks really lovely.Love the spice bottles.

  2. Hi,

    These look good.. But I am not sure how workable they would be in indian kitchens where sometimes if ventilation is not enough then oil deposits on open areas..

    Any ideas for easily removing those ?

    First time on ur site.
    Nice ideas.


  3. laksh

    Welcome here. Good catch, Tina. A very valid point that crossed my mind too while I posted this. The trick is to have it away from the gas and not in the path of air flow which tends to leave oil deposits. One of the things I do is to wash the bottles when it gets empty and before I fill it with fresh ones. That way the bottles/containers stay clean and there is a regular cleaning. If it’s been too long, then I do it once a month (rubbing the outer with liquid soap like Pril or Vim) with the lid tightly shut.

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