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One of the most challenging aspects while designing a house is a kitchen; one that is functional,  within budget, fitted with the required cabinets, tasteful, easy to work in, well-illuminated throughout the day, and has sufficient storage space for your family. Let’s not even get started on how many arguments a couple has to endure while designing this space that a family like ours hangs out in often.

If yours is a small kitchen,  one area that requires utmost attention and cannot be compromised are the corners.  Corners if designed right can be great storage spaces; if fitted with mere shelves, they can be a nightmare –  after all, who wants to dig deep into those dark corners?

Carousels have more or less become the standard today in kitchens equipped with cabinets.

Kitchen Carousel
Kitchen Carousel
Drawers in a kitchen corner
Drawers in a kitchen corner
A L-Shaped Corner Shelf
A L-Shaped Corner Shelf

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I have two 3/4 circular carousels as part of the cabinetry. The stuff I store in are not-so-often used spices and groceries such as panipuri masala, besan, rajma, chana, sabudana – you get it, don’t you? You can even install pull out drawers (metaboxes) to store appliances such as juicer and their respective jars.

Share pictures of your kitchen on how best you’ve utilized the corners, for the benefit of others. Link it in the comment space or send a e-mail to


  1. Gosh, I have missed so many of your posts – caught up on all the reading, and the kitchen ones are esp useful, cos im in the process ofplanning my kitchen:)

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