Habitat Crest

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Habitat Crest is located on the ITPL main road. We first looked at Habitat Crest sometime in February, and I loved the ground floor unit (the lower duplex) with its huge garden. What was more enticing is that the garden was accessible from both the kitchen and the dining.The property is structured as lower duplex, upper duplex and penthouse for each building. The upper duplex and penthouse have their respective garden areas in the terrace accessible from outside the house. The central courtyard is vehicle free and used for green spaces and walking. This is again a big plus for parents who need not worry about kids playing with vehicles plying.


There were enough units available in the central and right wing.

What works:

  • Location. On the ITPL main road. Need not stress on how convenient it is for folks who work in this area. As far as schools go, only Vydehi and Deen’s are closer. Enough good hospitals in the vicinity. The location factor is a huge plus which trumps every other factor.
  • The plan is good for the lower duplex units.

What did not work for us:

  • Proximity to the railway track on the back side for the units in the central block.
  • The price ~ 1.95 cr + for the lower duplex.

For more details, please check Habitat Crest


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