5 Vastu Rules For Home I’m Particular About

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When you mention the word “vastu”, I see brows raised. This ancient science of architecture is perceived as if it is a taboo and I’m from the pre-historic era believing in crazy superstitious beliefs. I’ve got that a lot over the past few months over discussions with designers who have this quizzical expression, “seriously, you believe in this?”.

I totally get it as I was like that until a few years ago, but slowly started understanding the science behind it and appreciate the reasoning for the principles.

Yes, I do believe it has an effect on the house and its residents. It’s almost impossible to get an apartment these days that satisfy all aspects of Vastu. But, these are a few aspects I’ve grown to be particular about in the same order:

Vastu for Bedroom

Master bedroom: in the south-west corner. If the guest bed room is in the south west direction and the master bed room is in the south-east direction, then you may want to convert the guest into the master bed room. Never have the kids room in the south-west direction. North-west is ideal.

Bed position according to vastu: Position the bed such that your head is in the south or east. Sleeping with head toward north conflicts (repels) with the earth’s magnetic field.

Vastu for Pooja Room

Puja / Pooja room: in the north-east corner of the house.

Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen: in the south-east or north-west; the hob placed such that you face east when cooking. The idea is to let light and air flow into the kitchen in the morning.

South west: no toilet in the south west corner.

The diagram below sums up the preferred directions for the locations of the rooms:

5 Vastu Aspects I’m Particular About

There are many sites that talk about the placement in detail. Have you used any of these principles, and what is your opinion?

Image courtesy: Vaastu Shastra







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