Updated in 2020

Searching for seeds that have a good germination rate? Wondering where you can get that magic potion  known as panchagavya or jeeva amrutha for your plants? How about soil, vermiculite, coco peat blocks, compost? Ever crossed your mind where you can find pomelo, strafruit seeds? And if someone can deliver all these home, you as a gardener would be on cloud nine.

I’m always on a quest to consolidate all the information I can when it comes to seeds and gardening materials. My little balcony garden has been pretty much dormant for the last four years for we get not even an hour of sunlight, thanks to tall Eucalyptus trees in the neighboring plot. First, I suspected the soil, then lack of nutrients, then the seeds. But, time and again, the tall, lanky seedlings assure me it’s the sunlight they are craving for. So, I just harvest them as micro greens.

I hope you find this list useful. I have shopped from some and have had great experiences. Every six months, when I visit my in-laws in the village, I get seeds from there as well and found those to have good germination rate.

Most of these products have been tried and tested by me.


Omaxe – good germination rate

Grow bags:




Cocopeat block



Railing Planters:

Trust Basket – Pack of 5

All Purpose Plant Fertilizer Sticks for Plants in Pots:

Lazy Gardener Sticks – you don’t have to buy anything else if you are using these

Green frame and easy planters (kind of self-watering containers)

Self watering pots

Composting bins:

Daily Dump Compost Bin

Trust Basket Compost Bin

If there are any other resources you have tried, please leave a comment and I’ll update the list.


  1. Urvi Ved

    I am beginning my journey in kitchen (balcony) garden and found your blog to be extremely useful. Thanks a ton for all the inputs.

  2. laksh

    Good luck Urvi. Happy gardening. Please share pictures of your produce when they are ready to harvest :)

  3. Manjunath Ramaswamy

    Hi kavi,
    Your Blog is really very useful and informative, I am beginning to start micro greens and some vegetables though the balcony is not very big but I am very enthusiastic to grow some home grown vegetables
    While surfing I happened to come across your blog which all the more encouraged to make a mini vegetable garden in the balcony.
    Will keep you updated when I am done
    Manjunath Ramaswamy.

  4. laksh

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Manjunath. All the best to grow your own kitchen garden.I can’t describe the happiness you’ll feel when you hold the first harvest in your hands – it may be an okra, two beans, or just a tomato. But, that happiness is not measured in quantity – the quality and taste of homegrown vegetables trump everything.

  5. dhanvarsha garg


    I am starting to build my own small garden.. i have a small balcony so I wanted some educated ideas which i got from your website. Thanks a tone for that.
    Also if you can suggest from where I can buy a good climber? And if you can suggest some climber for small balcony top shed.

  6. laksh

    Hi Dhanvarsha,

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s best to buy climbers from your nearest nursery instead of ordering online. Here are a few suggestions: madhumalti, bougainvillea, and passion flower. They all come in dwarf variety as well so specifically ask for creepers. Most are perennial with reduced flowers during some months.

    Good luck with your garden.

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