How are you all doing? Looking forward to the festive season?

Cooliyo has been a big distraction..minutes when I should rather be working were spent oomphing over trays and lamps. So much so that, I’m thinking of re-activating Chrome Nanny to work uninterrupted, and why it’s right to stay unplugged. You must read this beautiful piece by Pico Iyer: The Joy of Quiet.

But, Cooliyo, has been a good distraction; some of the products are so cool that they reminded me of Shopo. Since Shopo, no site has filled its void, and that’s a shame. I thought why not bring back Friday Shopping series for the sake of Cooliyo. With festivals around the corner, there couldn’t have been a better time.

Unlike Shopo where you could buy the products on the site, Cooliyo is a curated marketplace of products, that takes you to the seller’s site when you are interested in buying something (much like Voonik for clothing). Here are my picks; it was tough to be restrict it to five.

five picks

A few other random picks:

ludo tray

peacock tray

Now, you tell me, if the distraction was justified or not. Have a great weekend.

Image Courtesy:

1. Ballerinas for Rs.1100 at Buy n Brag

2. Rural charm Tray for Rs. 1099 @ Tungs10

3. Teal leaflet table lamp for Rs.3120 @Fabfurnish

4. Handloom banana fiber cushion cover for Rs.425 @

5. Tree cut wooden coasters for Rs. 599 @Exclusivelane

6. Ludo tray for Rs.1999 @ tappu ki dukaan

7. Peacock tray for Rs.1800 from artnlight

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