Nimish of Engrave was persistent in getting me out of this blogging hiatus. When the to-do list grows too long in my head, I make a note of it in a diary (yep, very old-fashioned unlike remember the milk) and take pleasure in seeing things crossed off the list. Then the list and diary are forgotten until the list grows again. For the past three months (blame it on the house project), the diary sits next to my laptop. And, there are things beyond your control that can’t be crossed off in a day or two. This post was not one of them that could not be crossed. So, I was determined today to get into action and bring a big smile on Nimish’s face.

Engrave is an India-based design collective engaged in the pursuit of creating unique lifestyle products with fine craftsmanship. Their products are personalized and designed to last a lifetime. Engrave offers plaques, canvas prints, name plates and a number of other handcrafted products.

The Engraved Plaque was one of the products I could relate to as we got one made with our pictures back in 2005. Canvas prints and the ganesha wall decal are my favorite on the site. If you don’t like a canvas print, then you customize it. I’m going to get the “why so serious?” one.

canvas prints

ganesha wall decal

Any Tarantino fans out there?


Nimish shares his favorite gifting idea –  Abstract Watercolour Canvas Print and the Marble Inlay Nameplates.


abstract water color canvas print

name plate


Image courtesy: Engrave

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