Store Feature: Be Vintage

Today, I feature Be Vintage: the creation of a creative powerhouse, Monica, Grishma and Abhineet. They started this Bangalore-based brand a year and half ago to sell vintage, distressed furniture and home decor accessories.

There are few brands/creations for which one picture is good enough to speak volumes of their work. And then, there are some where even ten don’t make the cut. Be Vintage falls under the first category. Monica couldn’t have reached out to me at a more appropriate timing; my eyes were tired of the clean/straight line overdose and vintage furniture amid all this comes as a whiff of fresh air.

Take a look for yourself as I feature my favorites, and talk about Monica on her journey so far..

Do you have a store?

We don’t have a store but we have tied up with the Chalk Boutique in Whitefield. We have a few more tie ups on the way and are planning to tie up with stores all over Bangalore. We are also looking at the option of tying up with store all across India. 

wooden shelf

Do you retail online? 

We are working on our ecom website. We are planning to launch it next month.

Which products have seen the most interest from customers?

Everybody loves the colors we use. Chalkboard frames have been an all time favorite. 

How did you get the idea of starting the store? 

Our love for vintage furniture. We have seen it a lot outside of India, but the availability is very limited in India. 

Don’t you think, without the stencil, this would be one ordinary grey stool that would go unnoticed in a corner?

Stenciled grey stool

Tell me more about the kind of furniture you make..

True to its name, our main forte lies in making vintage furniture (but not limited to) very inspired by the retro, the French and the Victorian era.  Be Vintage was created as a response to an increased demand for high quality and affordable vintage furniture, furniture that looks beautiful adding a nice aesthetic touch as well as being functional.

To the end, most of our furniture is made to order, working with the customers closely, giving them the exact product they desire. We have our own in house team of carpenters and painters all trained by us. We are based out of Hebbal, Bangalore. Additionally all our vendors and other resources are from Bangalore as well.
Most of the furniture is made from pine wood and beech wood.
yellow table

Which one is your favorite?

Our signature piece is the Chest of Drawers.

chest of drawers

This is my favorite. The trunk doubles up as a table and isn’t the color lovely? On second thoughts, I would love to have a smaller one in a fuchsia/cobalt blue.

trunk in a blue weathered look

A wooden tray is one must-have accessory for every home. Be it for serving or as a base for your house plants. Leave it as is or stencil it or decoupage it, and nothing can take away the elegance of a wooden tray. Any naysayers? No, I didn’t think so :)

wooden tray

On an unrelated note, the house project is an energy-sucker. From choosing appliances to furnishing, and deciding on an interior designer is an endless list. We are still months away from moving into the new home. Thank you for stopping by.

Image Courtesy: Monica of Be Vintage


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