block print People are willing to go to great lengths to give their homes a unique look. Identical furniture, similar accessories have flooded the market. And the ease of buying them online means either your home looks like a page from a catalog or similar to dozens of other homes. Custom furnishings have the power to transform the looks of a home on a minimal budget while giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

This is what Vaaso does. I met the lovely ladies from Vaaso at Sampoorn Santhe held at Chitrakala Parishat a few weeks back. The stall stood out for its block printed fabrics in electrifying colors like fuchsia, cobalt blue. You know how some stalls draw the attention of passersby because there is someone bargaining hard and loud for something. That was the case here. There was this gentleman accompanied by his family bargaining hard for a block printed table lamp. Anyways, I was happy to have stopped by.

block print

block print cushions
In a tete-a-tete with the ladies:
1. When did you start Vaaso? 

Vaaso was started in 2012 by all three of us i.e. Surabhi, Leena and Anita as all three had common interest in the block art that brought us all together. floor lamp in block print

2. Tell me a little about yourselves – what motivated you to start the venture?

Being together in college gave an insight into each other’s choices and passion. Surprisingly all three of us had a great passion for the traditional art forms and especially block art. Hence when we decided to start something of our own then the obvious choice was block printing. Also another common passion for all here of us was home decor and home accessories. We realised that there was lot of scope for us to display our creativity in this arena and also to produce merchandise that was fit for all types of decors. Our educational qualification (all three of us are M.Sc textiles and clothing) was one imperative factor that motivated us to experiment with newer fabrics and prints; this made us come up with our range of prints and product-line that stands apart. block print tray

3. What are your favorite products? We are into customization of product line wherein we work with design concept and colour concept as well as sizing as per clients need. This concept has not caught up so much in our cities and especially with block art and therefore gives us an opportunity to explore the art in a novel way. block print placemats
  4. Would you like to share a rough price range for a few of your products because that’s one thing readers are always keen to know?

Where pricing is concerned, we do not believe in selling very expensive but we believe in selling more…our products range from anywhere between 75 ( for incense stick pouch ) to 1500 ( for 3 section cutlery holder and bed cover). We want a wider client range and therefore price our products i  such a fashion that people come back to us for sure. Basically a decent price range is something that attracts clients to us. We at Vaaso try to provide our clients with a product of client’s choice and that fits their budget. table lamp

5. How does one place custom orders?

Placing orders for customization is very easy as you can contact us on our email id or even contact us on our facebook page…Vaaso. Once you contact us personally, we contact you and work along with you on your product designing. block printed tray Image courtesy: Vaaso

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