I’m reminded of this quote when I look at this structure: “The structures were austere and simple, until one looked at them and realized what work, what complexity of method, what tension of thought had achieved the simplicity.” Ayn Rand – The Fountainhead

If you are reading this post at work, I suggest you come back to it later. Before I realized, one good hour had ticked past while I soaked in the beauty and simplicity of the homes created by Khosla Associates.

In my earlier post on why you should hire an interior designer, I emphasized on choosing a house with a good plan and architecture if you are not constructing one. You’ll see why that is half battle won as you see the exemplary architecture of Khosla associates across all their projects.

You are gently reminded of Roark’s statements from the Fountainhead as you sift through the creations of this exemplary firm. Take the above picture for instance. All the elements combine into a happy union; there is not one piece of lighting, artwork, or furniture that draws extra attention or seems out of place. The only thing noticeable is the vastness of space, double-ceiling height and a flood of light.

One thing that was common across their homes: neat little boxes juxtaposed for an unobstructed flow of light and air. The Bhuwalka House featured below is one of my favorites. The Jaisalmer yellow sandstone is a winner.

long walkways


The library house: isn’t it interesting to build a house centered around a library where the family gets together for a host of activities. I was floored by the blue door.

blue door


library house

library house

This is an interior design project done at Brigade Orchards. This project also showcases the use of dark tones for wall colors balanced with accessories in earth tones.

Khosla design at Brigade


interior styling

Image courtesy:

1,2 Bhuwalka House

3,4,5 The Library House

6,7 Brigade Orchards


Do check out The Vastu House as it can be challenging to design a visually appealing space while confirming to the rigid rules for placement of everything inside the house as dictated by Vastu principles.

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