I’ve been freelancing (consulting, writing) for the past three years. It’s easy to imagine I would have a fancy workplace in the corner of a room in my apartment that’s tastefully decorated and stocked with all the essentials: magnetic board, post-its, colorful pen stand, clips, file cabinet, and a book rack. In all, a conducive environment that all how-to pieces on having an ideal/productive home office environment talk about.

I believe you can guess from the tone the reality is far from that. More often than not, my laptop sits on the dining table; when we have more than 3 people dining at the same time, I make room by shifting to the bedroom.  The non-stop activity around the house punctuates my work time: clanking of utensils,  my toddler driving his toy-car inside home at crazy speeds, market channel (NDTV profit) running in the background among other things.

To be more productive, I’m aching to have a quiet corner where I can retreat to when I like. On top of my wish list now is to find a corner in one of the bedrooms and do it up as a functional workspace with bare essentials : a phone, a table small enough to hold my laptop, a pen stand and a diary,  and a comfortable chair. By the side of a window. I love natural light coming in! There will be enough time to decorate it like the ones below.

Aesthetically decorated workspace
Aesthetically decorated workspace
A place for everything including flowers - how nice!
A place for everything including flowers - how nice!

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  1. I hope u find your corner soon. My workspace is a shame. My files are in such a mess always. Hope to take some inspiration from the featured pics. I love the first one with the dupatta decor & the lovely glass lampshade

  2. laksh

    I know, I loved the yarn too. So different that someone thought about it!

  3. The first one looks so perfectttttt, i crave for one too though I have a personal space, i am finding it hard to recreate my dream space either due to laziness or lack of time.

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