Imagine these color combinations:

Fuchsia + Blue

Green + Mustard yellow

Now imagine a room with cushions draped in these colors, or furniture painted in these eclectic combinations.


Full of life? Absolutely.

blue lounger




I have long admired the work of Furnicheer’s creation, and wished they either retailed online or opened a store in Bangalore. So I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out that they are now on House Proud. Each piece of furniture is a masterpiece with the caliber to stand out on its own and get noticed in a room. Brilliant use of colors on simple designs. It’s tough to pick two favorites. But, mine are the jhoola and the blue sofa.

Blue lounger


Which ones are your favorite?

Image Courtesy: Furnicheer




  1. Furnicheer is no doubt have best and colorful furniture but they are bit over priced.. Aren’ t they?

  2. laksh

    Agree Vasudha. If the quality and service is good, then perhaps a relatively higher price is justified as they are intangibles that cannot be priced. But, the overall value is immense. What I’ve found lately is when you pay less, the so-called bargain is shrouded with poor service.

  3. Vishal Khandelwal

    The jhula is surely awesome. But so is House Proud’s pricing of Rs 1 lac, even as Furnicheer’s own showroom sells it for Rs 60k! ;-)

    Call it the ecommerce loot!

  4. laksh

    Hi Vishal,

    Good observation, and thanks for bringing it up. I have never been to the showroom, but had a first-hand experience of something similar yesterday with bath fittings on another site. So concur with your views on pricing.

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