Bed Linen from House This!

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Bed Linen from House This!

“Best bed sheet brand” goes my search on Amazon app. Shopping online comes with its setbacks. You can’t feel, you can’t touch and are solely dependent on others’ reviews.

Take a moment.

But, what if it is a new brand.

Can you recall the last time you received a handwritten note from someone?

My tryst with writing letters (inland letters) started early in life. When I was barely 10 years old, I stayed with my grandparents, away from my parents, for a while. There was no telephone with a long distance connection where my parents lived, and I saw them once in maybe six months. Goes without saying I missed my parents and brother a lot.

Every day when I would return from school, I would long to see that blue colored piece of paper on the table. The days when that cherished piece of paper came were the best; they made my evening. I would read, and then read once more, until every word was imprinted in my memory.

My younger brother got creative with his signature with every letter that came. Saturdays, for me, were earmarked to craft letters to my parents and thoughtfully fill my thoughts within the limited three pages.

When the space and resources are limited, you choose words wisely to express yourself. It is perhaps tough to understand the significance of those hand-written letters in today’s times when talking to someone anywhere is just a call/click away. And yet, even after you’ve spoken for hours, you feel there is a void and so much left unsaid. Do you ever feel the same?

What has bed sheets got to do with letters?

I received a House This! bedsheet with a handwritten note from the founders. The bed sheet is beautiful, but we will get to it later. What made me stop in my tracks was this handwritten note. I have it on top of my desk now.

The effort to make a connection touched me; the warmth that exuberates from a hand-written letter can never be replaced by a typed one.

If like me, you are on the lookout for the best bed sheet brand online, then this will not disappoint you.

King size cotton bed sheets from House This

How do you choose a bed sheet when there are so many brands at attractive prices:

1. Quality: thread count is good at 210 TC .

2. Material: it is 100% cotton. Feels good.

3. Designs: I heart the fact that there are solids and stripes (my favorites).

4. If it catches your eye among dozens of others, then it is worth taking a look.

striped beauty

Tips to keep in mind when shopping for bed sheets: 

1. If you already have solids, go for geometric patterns or florals to beat the monotony.

2. If your room is painted in neutral colors and windows draped in solid curtains, then you have a huge freedom to play with bed sheets and bring in an instant splash of color.

3. Duvets are not something you change often. So if has patterns in it, choose your bed sheets accordingly.

4. Some classic color combinations are blue + green, grey + pink, black + white, red + white.

best cotton bed sheet brand in India

Some of my other favorite picks from House This:

Fitted sheets – not many brands have fitted sheets. And it’s a effortless way to make a bed as they leave the bed with a smooth surface.

Cushions: they come in vibrant colors.

Does it look good? What do you think? If you’d like to buy the same bed sheet, you may get it here.

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  1. Priya Gupta

    I loved the bed sheet you bought and the handwritten note you received along with it. I have most of the bed sheets in solid pattern which is why I think it’s high time I shopped for new patterns and especially florals. Florals are such a rage this season. It would be cool to buy bed sheets in their pattern.

  2. Bed sheet looks good Lakshmi. Handwritten note, that so sweet. Who does that nowadays, when many are shopping online. Very good gesture.

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