Do you love the city you live in now?

Can you guess which city is featured in the image above?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your city?

A few mornings ago, it was well before 6:00 a.m. I woke up to the loud chirping of birds; it was as if all of them congregated by the Eucalyptus trees overlooking our house and decided to have a happy conversation. A family function, perhaps I thought:)? This went on for a while, but I couldn’t complain for it was definitely sweeter than waking up to the blaring horns.

I live in Bangalore; the city is not the same as it was two decades ago. Which city is? Snail-paced traffic, garbage dumps, potholes, unprecedented growth, and erratic has taking a turn for the worse. But, when asked if I would be willing to move to someplace else, I draw a blank. Despite all its shortcomings, I love Bangalore, and wouldn’t know where else to go.

Change doesn’t come easily to most of us.

Every city in India is unique; each one of them has a character of its own. Be it the laid back lifestyle of Bangalore, order within chaos in Kolkata, the natural beauty of Srinagar, the resplendent pink hues of Jaipur, the rush of Mumbai or living life king size in Punjab.


We take solace in known surroundings. So, when Tangerine Tree approached me with the idea of featuring Indie Tadka, a vibrant bedsheet + cushion cover collection centered around 12 cities of India, it  resonated with me. Each range brilliantly captures the soul of the city it represents.

Kolkata in a cushion

There are few cities that stand out for their distinctive style, modes of transport, or flaunting an identity. Nothing for me comes closer to Kolkata.

hand-pulled rickshaws

I’ve never lived in Kolkata, but have passed by it every six months for the past six years. The city doesn’t cease to surprise me. When I think of Kolkata, what instantly comes to mind are the blue windows dotting over 100-year old buildings, colonial architecture, roads with fancy English names, sweltering heat, the majestic Howrah bridge, how serious people are about politics, and the multiple modes of transport from hand-pulled tongas to yellow Ambassadors and trams all jostling for space on the street.

yellow cushion

Now, imagine capturing each of these facets on a cushion cover or bed sheet.

Kolkata, the city of peace and joy

Of arts and culture, sweets and cuisine

Couldn’t have been said better. Add conversations on politics and a game of cards to this, and you have the Bengal lifestyle. Life is uncomplicated; it centers around food, food and food; no meal is complete without a dessert in the end. A week in the city will teach you how to enjoy the journey of life.

enjoy the journey

yellow cabs of kolkata

Explore the rest of the India Tadka collection as well and you will be spoilt for choice. My other favorite was the Kerala collection as featured below.



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