Mumbai apartment

Wondering where this beach house is?


Want to know the name of the resort?

Sorry to disappoint you. It is a 3000 sq.ft apartment on the 14th floor of a modern building in Mumbai . No, not Goa.

It was one Friday night a few weeks ago when I was shortlisting furniture for our new home, when this designer’s portfolio caught my attention. Furniture short-listing went out the window and visual treat ensued for the next hour. That’s how I discovered Richa Bahl’s work. Most of her projects have all the characteristics to stand out from a hundred others. Her portfolio has all the elements that would make you go aww: effortlessly mixing functionality with comfort, modern cabinets with hand-crafted tiles, and distressed furniture with a shabby chic look. Needless to say, there’s a lot of room for cool blues and yellows.

In this post, let me take you through the home of Krishnans that has every trace of Kerala you can fathom.


What I loved about this house is that there is no holding back be it with colors or accessories. There are no rules over how and where to place a window frame or group artifacts. It is unhindered creativity as its best. When you see a heavy, bright colored door with distress finish and an evil eye charm to greet you, you get a fair sense that a lot of surprise awaits you inside.

wooden main door with evil charm

Who wouldn’t want a bedroom like that? Feels like you are on a vacation, doesn’t it. Poster-bed flanked by a distressed cupboard and eclectic blue storage unit. The room has everything going for it.

master bedroom

I don’t know about you guys but am totally in love with those tiles.

kitchen tiles


reading nook


Hungry for more? In the next post, I take you through Richa’s studio. So, stay tuned and have fun this weekend.

Picture courtesy: Inside Outside, September 2013

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  1. Beautiful work by Richa. Who would not want such kind of home which is modern yet has lot of traditional elements in it.

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