Shivani Dogra Designs A Color Infused Apartment in Bangalore

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Revisited: How Shivani Dogra dresses up homes

A duplex apartment in Bangalore designed by interior designer Shivani Dogra. This home is rich in fabrics and artifacts sourced from the local market.

Most of the projects I have featured recently require a great deal of wood work, sourcing materials across locations, and needles to say, a huge budget. From my experience of doing up our new home, I can safely say any ethnic touch costs a bomb: be it sourcing a wooden pillar or carved wood furniture.

Shivani’s projects have always appealed to me because they are not high on budget, and the focus is on styling to make a room come alive. Her clever use of bed spreads, coordinated curtains and blinds gives a seamless look to a room.

I take you through her latest projects as Shivani shares some nuggets of wisdom on decorating with you.

Stepping away from her characteristic monochromatic style in the previous projects, she has infused this home with color not just with the fabrics, but on the walls as well in dual tones. Pure brilliance. If you don’t have the budget for textured painting, which is what you anyways see in most homes, bring in some uniqueness with offbeat colors and patterns.

living room

1. Can you please describe the project? Location/scope of your work.

 This is a 3bhk duplex flat in Bangalore. I did the entire flat from wardrobes, library, floor, bath etc. The clients were a young couple who wanted color, but not too much. The wife liked Bani Thani art and I evolved the theme and other colors for their home from the art. They had one good photograph which we framed in the low seating tv room. All the cushions were made by my team in Delhi with hand loom Ikat.
yellow bedspread

2. Yellow bedspread – a big departure from your monochromes. What influenced this color palette?

I work with client’s preferences. This client just happened to want a LOT of colour which I was happy about–I love working with colour–the more the better. The more saturated, the more inspired I get. Besides yellow is such a happy colour–their bedroom had very little natural light, so I thought it a good idea to introduce a bright colour which was accepted readily by the client. 

3. Your thoughts on color combos? How do you pair colors? What would you pair with aqua wall or a indigo wall?

There are no rules to pairing colors. I’m inspired by all the color I see around me in this country. The combinations here are unlimited. That said I usually find myself pairing the tones in different colours rather than the colours themselves. That’s a safe rule to follow. Otherwise I go by my gut when I see the colours placed near each other…
Yellow, bright pink, teal would go well an Indigo wall–depends on how much light the room has. If there as lot of light I’d choose darker tones in those colours for the accessories and furnishings. If theres less light I’d go very light on the furnishings, maybe just choose a lot of white and small pops of bright colour.
yellow dining
cane modas

4. The cane modas are lovely/off beat that you have used in one of your projects. How did you zero on them?

The colours on them were black and cream—a combination that goes with any colour scheme. Besides, the house had such strong Indian overtones that they fit is perfectly. They were an easy choice!

5. Where do you buy such furniture/blinds made of natural materials from?

The ones in Bangalore were sourced from Blind Love. The others are made locally by street vendors whom I am always happy to employ!
Thank you Shivani for taking us through these beautifully designed homes. Can’t wait to see what magic you create in the future.
I hope you enjoyed touring this home. If you’d like Shivani Dogra to design your home, you may get in touch with her at
Image courtesy: Shivani Dogra


  1. I too agree that yellow is a happy color. I loved the way its done up especially the big blue colored vases that’s there everywhere

  2. Richa Mishra

    Yeah, it is really right shivani that interior desiging in home is like a proper dress up of home…

  3. Adity Guha thakurta

    Really love to see your. Choice of colour pallets and ideas,I keep seeing them again and again

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