There is nothing more indelible than spending time with our loved ones. In this fast paced world,working day in and out,the only time we get to relax and share a laughter is the dinner time,at  the dining table.

Now that having a meal together has become the only chance of sharing your time ,everything about the time has to be special.The food of course will do its bit ,what about the ambience? Cosy and inviting ambience is not something we should look for only when dining at a restaurant or hotel,it is something you deserve at home as well.

Talking about creating a perfect ambience for your dining hall  at home,there isn’t a need to shell out a lot of money.Just the right variety of all the essentials and you have created the perfect atmosphere for a jolly get together.

Walls,in particular ,can do a lot in making a room look more warm and inviting.

Painting the walls in rich ,strong shades in contemporary patterns and designs are now  trending. Gone are the days and craze for subtle,light coloured walls.

Plush purple,crimson red or orange ,choco brown ,sapphire or prussian blue ,bold emerald green have all  become favourite among the design lovers . Different shades of the same colour are being used to create depth to the room.

Paint them rich- let your dining room walls come alive

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The drift  doesn’t end here. Painting techniques have kept evolving and widening. Instead of a perfect finish,people now opt for a more raw and imperfect finish.(which we now like to call ‘faux finishes’) Oh ,how we have started loving the imperfections in our life!!

There are ready made paints that gives that metallic and rustic touch to your walls .But if you are amongst those who love to paint their imagination and add a personal touch to those walls,the options are plenty.

There are  a lot of techniques by which you can add texture and twists to your other wise boring looking walls .These texture painting are more pronounced when done on one out of four walls. The most interesting part of getting your wall texture -painted is that you don’t have to rely on the professional wall painters-An awesome  chance to be your own boss. Plus they can give the walls a more personalised look than the wallpapers which on one hand is more expensive and on the other have uniform pattern throughout which bores us at times.

color wash

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The uneven and brushy metallic gold coating over a purple base has given the wall a highlight .

purple and gold

A rustic violet coloured wall adorned with a tree painting .The dining set,corner table and the curtains are done in brown to compliment the wall.

Techniques to add graphics to the walls

Smooshing, colour washing ,dry brushing, fresco, geometric , sponging ,glitter painting are some of the commonly sought after painting techniques. These contemporary designing techniques not only beautify your walls ,it also gives you  the chance to bring out the artist in you.


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Colour washing technique

Colour wash uses paint thinned out with a glaze (a thin, translucent film of colour that is painted over a base coat) to create a subtle wash of colour over the surface.

dry brushing

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Dry brushing technique

The technique uses dry brush that can still hold paint.When run against a wall or paper,it gives a scratchy look different from the one we get from the usual way of painting.

Get your wall textured or faux finished   in rich vibrant colours .Let your walls come alive.The ambience you will create in your dining room will be incomparable. Most importantly you will hardly long to go to a five-star restaurant as you have the best of both-food and ambience right at your home.

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