Beautiful? Check.

Romantic? Check.

Instant uplift to any room? Check.

Messy? Not at all.

These are flameless LED tealight candles from Candè berg. There are 12 candles in a pack along with a decorative wrap that can be wrapped around the candles for added effect as you can see in the image above.


What’s so unique about these candles:

  • the flicker is realistic just as in a candle.
  • they are light weight that can be turned on with the flick of a switch at the bottom of the candles.
  • can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • each candle burns for 70 hours after which the  CR2032 Lithium ion battery needs to be replaced.
  • it is reusable.



festive candles


Just so you all know, I give it a lot of thought before even casually mentioning the name of a brand/product in this space unless I am convinced about its quality. If I have second thoughts, I refrain from mentioning. There have been instances in the recent past when I have written I’m using this service (without a review of any sort and was going through a bad experience) and readers have gone ahead and purchased the product/service because I mentioned the name. So I feel responsible.

Having put things in perspective, a little history about this product feature is in order. When Lalitha, the founder of Cande berg, reached out to me for this product feature, I was happy to feature it. However, when I received the package, I was a little apprehensive about featuring it here because I believed it was perhaps priced high. I wrote to her stating my concerns and that I was happy to initiate a return. Her graceful response with sound reasoning showed conviction and belief in the product following which I was willing to give it a try and put it to test for 70 hours. Here is her response:

We understand where you are coming from, as similar products (with only the LED candles) are available for very low price from many sellers on Amazon as well as other marketplaces. When comparing with these products before we produced these candles, we did evaluate existing products and wanted to offer a better experience to buyers as most of their customer reviews mentioned bad quality, most not working as well as an operating lifetime of only 3-4 hours against 30 hours claimed.
Burn time: So also, regular flame tealights priced at an average Rs.250 for a set of 50, with an operating burn time of 3 hours each, totals 50 x 3 = 150 hours burn time.
Flicker: Our candles are quality checked and they actually flicker, with good batteries making each candle last for more than 70+ hours..before the light starts to fade. This means a total burn time of 12 x 70 = 840 hours (Almost 6 times more than the flame tealights) .
Decorative element:Plus you have the decorative element of the wraps, that gives it the finished look when lit, which is missing in plain LED candles.
The current pricing, we believe reflects the above added value of ‘burn hours plus decor element’. However, this is not something that can be made apparent when all we have to work with, is the appearance of the product itself.
My candles have not reached the 70 hour mark yet. But, they are lighting up my home every evening for a few hours and hopefully for some more evenings in the weeks to come.
How and where you can buy:
Price: 1599
Use the code GBK0W4PF to get additional Rs.150 discount.
Code valid till  29th Feb, 2016.
Images: taken at home last evening


  1. Nalini Sen

    I came across your blog from fb :) I’ve seen these candles in USA, but didn’t know this type is now available in India. It looks lovely. Will pick it up for my Amma . Have subscribed to your updates also. Thanks

  2. laksh

    Hi Nalini,

    Welcome to dress your home. Thank you for your kind words. Hope the candles put a smile on your mom’s face :) You are right..when my mom lit candles like these that dad had got from US during Karthigai festival (which is after Diwali and celebrated in Tamil Nadu), they were a big hit among all the ladies in the neighborhood. Notably a 90 year old granny who insisted she wanted these on his next trip.

  3. Nalini Sen

    Hehe…you have a way with words. :) The image of the 90 year old Granny came to my mind instantly.

  4. These wraps are awesome. As far as the lights, I have to buy and check. We purchased one from Phillips last year and still working fine.

  5. laksh

    Ha ha :) It did, didn’t it. Every time I look at candles like these, that’s the image that flashes in my mind: granny in her 9-yard sari with a great zeal for life.

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