Surprised that Friday shopping is back? Oh well! I figured I might as well curate my shopping cart into a post since I spend so much time ogling through random stuff all day. I am in the process of discarding stuff right now and buying canisters/jars for the new kitchen.

On top of my shopping list was a rectangular spice container to hold essentials: turmeric powder, paprika/chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, chat masala, and kasuri methi powder. These are what I use on a daily basis. I was particular about the shape since it saves space in the tandem boxes.Round containers are not efficient space-wise. But, to my disappointment I couldn’t find anything in India that was a big rectangular box in steel with internal partitions. A company called Shreeji manufactures what I’m looking for but it is meant only for export. I’m trying to get rid of all plastic containers in the kitchen and use either glass/steel. No plastic goes into my fridge even now.

For now, I’ve made peace with these  containers.

1. Green square glass jar set from Lime Road for Rs. 199

2. Yera 510 ml jar for Rs. 519 from PepperFry

3. Treo 310 ml jar for Rs.435 from Flipkart

4. FabFurnish used to have an impressive collection, which has dwindled quite a bit now. Bormioli Quattro jars for Rs. 580

5. Roxx has been my preferred brand. This is value for money: a set of 5 jars for Rs. 419 on Pepperfry

How do you store your spices?



  1. I feel glass jars are best to store the spices. Most of the are stored in the pickle jars. I regularly used to buy itc( kitchens of India) jam especially for those cute square jars.

  2. laksh

    Aah..memories. How fond I was of those ITC jams n pickles..the mango one doesn’t come anymore. It was a big hit at home when it was launched in 2005. I like the Organica pickles now and the jars too. For the bigger ones, Kaigal honey is nice too.

  3. Just a couple of days ago I bought some little glass bottles (old English style) from homestop. Looking at your collection I remember the time I decided to go the glass way. For a while I reused old bottles but they were not enough and I got these at a sale – set of 4 Kilner bottles at 500.

  4. Laksh,

    How are you storing the pulses / staples???……in stainless steel containers??

  5. laksh


    Rice in stainless steel container. Atta in food-grade plastic because I read somewhere, it stays fresh in plastic containers. All spices/honey in glass containers. Sugar/salt/tea in named stainless steel containers. Dals in food-grade plastic.
    No plastics in fridge – everything is either ceramic or recycled glass bottles.

  6. Laksh,

    Wow….. you’re a great inspiration :)

  7. laksh

    Thank you for your kind words..still a long way to go.

  8. Prameela Balan

    What a lovely collection.

    Great inspiration for all of us.

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