We finally moved into the new house. It’s been two weeks. This was the first weekend in months when we had some time (a few hours) on our hands with nothing to do. That was a strange feeling. After you’ve been running around tirelessly for months for everything from hinges and laminates to painting and furniture, there is a sudden vacuum. Oh, we are not all done. There are still many, many pending items to be crossed off from the list. But, this momentary break is essential.

In the meantime, Asian Paints got me excited about something I have been wanting to do for a while. One of my long pending projects has been to revamp a TV cabinet to give it a new look. This TV cabinet from Damro is in exceptionally good state. Only thing is I don’t like the laminate finish anymore after seeing it day in day out for so long, it begins to wear on you. If it were solid wood, I wouldn’t have waited this long. I would have just sanded it and given it a distressed/decoupaged look. But, since this is made of MDF, I wasn’t sure where to get started and if the paint would stay and be durable.


TV unit

Asian Paints has this new range with which you can color a solid wood or MDF/HDF/plywood/particle board furniture from a choice of over 150+ colors. How cool is that especially the fact that it can be done even on MDF or HDF? The glossy finishes are awesome.

What is a statement piece of furniture?

An antique piece? Not necessarily.

An expensive store-bought one? Not necessarily.

A customized one? Not necessarily.

Any piece of furniture, old or new, that has the character to draw one’s attention in a room is a statement piece. It speaks for itself. You can add to your touch to even a new one with a dash of color, or streaks to give it a weathered look.

I’m all set to transform one. Are you?

How to create a statement piece of furniture with Asian Paints Wood Tech Studio

If you reside in Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata, visit Asian Paints’ Signature Stores for a consultation with the experts to get a feel of the company’s latest offering, Wood Tech Studio.

Since I live in Bangalore, Asian Paints sent me this kit to get a feel of the wood finishes along with sample pieces of teak wood, pine wood, and mahogany wood. The color palette for wood finishes is varied across the spectrum and pretty impressive. I’m eager to try the glossy silver jade shade or a shade of glossy green for the TV console to go with the color scheme of the rest of the room.

Asian Paints' wood color kit


Asian Paints color kit

Asian Paints wood color kit


How to apply the paint:


1.Sand the wooden surface along the grains using sand paper No. 180, and then 320 or 400.Wipe surface to clean off loose dust particles.

2. You can Apply 1-2 coats Of WoodTech Polyester Insulator to Insulate from Oil & resin from the wood

3. If the surface has dents, apply Aquadur Dent Filler with a putty knife over the dented area.

4. To colour, Apply WoodTech Wood stains or Aquadur Wood stain by Ragging.

How does it work?

The exciting thing about this range is you can do it yourself over a weekend. This video takes you through the process. I started off with the three steps here. First, I chose the piece of furniture as TV console. then, selected wood as MDF. the last step was to choose a finish which I decided to go with WOODTECH PU PALETTE INTERIOR. Can’t get easier than that. Can it? I have to admit that I haven’t actually done the steps as yet.

Why wood paint?

After my recent experience with getting interiors done for home, I find paints are less cumbersome to deal with as one doesn’t require carpentry skills, which is not the case with laminates. If you are bored with a color, sand it and get it new look and finish which is not as easy with laminates.

What can be more satisfying than taking up an ambitious DIY project to give a new look to a piece of old furniture and make it a statement piece.

Image courtesy: taken by me at home


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