How is summer in your part of the town/world? Though we have moved just a few kilometers from our previous home, the heat is unbearable here. With a lush Eucalyptus cover, the previous home felt cool even in summers. Ofcourse, it came with its own disadvantages of not getting enough vitamin D. Today’s picks are driven by a need to keep our new home cool naturally, and other functional necessities. Did you know that keeping a bowl of cold water under the fan late evening circulates cool air? So, you’ll see a lot of vases, organizers, and other colorful objects to pep up the mood.

Friday picks

1. Hand painted mug for Rs. 699. I was looking for a pen holder and this seems like a fancy idea. I have a colorful bucket planter that I can bring indoors.

2. Water steps fountain for R.1206 at Mebelkart. I find the sound of water flowing/falling from a fountain is soothing.

3. Large green vase for Rs.3,199 at Fabfurnish. A single bud or a bunch of bougainvilleas in this vase is enough to bring in pops of color to a room. This pick is driven by our monochromatic room. The living room can take some color.

4. Funky glasses for Rs. 429 at Pepperfry to have masala chaas every night; it has our way of beating the heat.

5. Glass dispenser for Rs. 2809 from Pepperfry because I love glass.

Have you bought any products from the Friday shopping list here? Just so you know, these are not influenced by any site and totally driven by my need at that time. I have bought many of the items recommended here after I have posted them. Sharing a few here..

The Year glass jars are from Pepperfry that I use to store slat, tamarind, red chillies, and sambhar powder. The Treo glass jars are from Flipkart and Home Town in which I store all the other spices.

Yera and Treo glass jars

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