Hard water.

Lime scales.

That’s the hard fact. Be it in Bangalore, or anywhere in India.

More often than not, the task or obsession of keeping the taps sparkling clean falls on me. House helps are not obsessed about it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a clean bathroom.

Over the years, I have learnt one secret and one ingredient that works wonders. Ready to know?

The best part is it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

That one ingredient is LEMON. Any citrus fruit works but lemon works best. Our fridge is always stocked with lemons as lemonade is an essential part of dinner. The father-son duo make it a ritual and enjoy making a glass for themselves with whatever ingredient they fancy that night. And it gets creative, too  with mint, basil.. :)

Ok, so over to the bathrooms. If you are not in the mood for some unpleasant pictures, scroll down quickly. After years of renting, when we got our house back, this was the state of the taps and it required a lot of work.

lime scale on faucets

I got back this week after a week’s vacation to found this deposit on the taps at our new home.

hard water deposit


No fretting since I know the secret now. I, and now even the family, don’t throw away the lemons after they are used, and instead rub it on one tap a day to keep the shine on. lemons

Leave it for a few minutes.

rub lemons on taps

And then wipe it away with a clean moist cloth to get the shine back.

shining tap cleaning tip

Looks like I missed a spot on the top. No harsh chemicals, just what is left over from your kitchen is used as an effective cleaning agent.

faucets fixtures cleaning tip

The secret tip is not to leave water on the taps after you have used. Leaving water leads to scum buildup. I have used old hand towels in every bathroom for wiping down the taps, fixtures, and shower partition after our use in the morning. It takes a few minutes to wipe down the water but saves a lot of time and effort in the long run. These cleanings towels are washed once a week.

Check dyh’s Facebook page as well. Tamanna shares some of her tips. What is your secret to a sparkling bathroom?


  1. Laksh,
    Thanks a ton for that great tip…….

  2. Thanks a lot for the great tip. Would this also work for glass shower partitions?

  3. laksh

    Yes, Manu. But given the surface area you would need to cover, it will mean a lot of elbow grease. You can instead squeeze a lemon in a bottle and spray it instead.

    Another tip for shower area based on how we manage: keep a good quality squeegee and a old terry towel of good quality near your shower area. Takes exactly 30 sections to wipe down after every shower with squeegee and wipe it dry with a cloth. This ensures there are no hard water deposits and you don’t require much cleaning afterward.I emphasize we because if every one who uses the shower does it, then it becomes easy.

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