DIY: Entry makeover with colorful planters

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Encouraged by Preethi, I am going to give this DIY series a day, a try, at least on weekdays. Today, I take you through a painting project that promises a splash of color and instant facelift.



A few weeks ago, I spotted a set of these tall planters on sale and got them home. They had clearly seen better days. I toyed with the idea of painting them lime green and lemon yellow to complement each other. But, both metallic colors were not available at the Asian Paints stores. So I bought the sample cans of orange and yellow (250 ml).

Materials required:

1. Metal primer.

2. Brush. Though spray painting is the best for such surfaces.

3. Thinner to thin the paint and clean the brush.

4. Sample cans of enamel paint. These are solvent-based paints and not water-based. For such small surfaces, sample cans would be more than sufficient. They are usually available for Rs.60.

5. An old rag.

6. Newspapers.

6. Loads of enthusiasm.

Total cost of the project: around Rs.250.

As with most of my DIY projects, the planters lay in a corner for weeks until I got to work on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to IPL.


1. Spread newspapers on the floor. Outside area is preferred as the smell of enamel paints is strong.

Upon close inspection, a coat of primer was not needed for one of them. So I just cleaned the planter with a clean cloth.

2. Add very little thinner to thin the paint. Otherwise, it would get too runny and your can is wasted.

3. Dip the brush in. Ensure there is no paint dripping from the brush and in slow uniform movements twirl the planter keeping the brush steady. If you want to be a little creative, stroke as you like for a finish you want.

4. It required three coats of paint for these planters and I gave a day’s gap in between for the paint to dry out completely.

5. You can stencil them with patterns or if you have wooden blocks, stamp the design onto them. It’s just a blank canvas for me right now. The possibilities are endless while it lights up the entryway.

painted planters


Paint your Planters




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