Balcony Garden
Balcony Garden

An orange hibiscus. Few white nandyavattais. Enough to give a great start to one’s morning. The flowers have bloomed in my balcony garden after a dry spell of nearly 5 months. The balcony has been receiving very less sunshine the past few months, thanks to the incessant rain and gloomy weather of Bangalore. At one point in time, I was afraid I would just have to move all my pots to the common garden area downstairs. Which I did, infact, last week by moving about 8 small pots containing Tulsi (Basil), other herbs, ferns, and assorted flowering ones. It was not a easy decision considering how much effort went into procuring and tending to them.

So, seeing these plants bloom and flower has put a smile on my face. Here are few tips to take care of your balcony garden during the monsoon:

1. Do not water them everyday as you would during the summer months. Once or two times a week is more than sufficient. Dip your finger in the pot to test the moisture content. If it feels wet, then refrain from watering for a day or two.

2. Signs to watch out for or droopy leaves or new leaves turning yellow. Don’t worry if the old leaves (the ones at the bottom) are withering away after turning yellow.

3. Keep your balcony illuminated by allowing natural sunshine to flow in. Take care of not blocking the sunlight by hanging too many clothes or placing furniture.

4. Check for pests at the bottom of the leaves.

5. Call in a gradener to find out if manure is required.


  1. Love the orange hibiscus. You are so right abt flowers really perking one up. :)

  2. That hibiscus is a stunner.I can imagine how happy you must be. :)

    Have a lovely day!

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