There is a phase in my life when I am obsessed about something. For now, it is ceramic and glass jars.

Anything but plastic.

Love the Organica pickle bottles. Wish they were square. I find myself buying those pickles for the bottles.

Do you have glass jars lying around the house? If yes, then this DIY will be a breeze. I picked up four of these glass jars with a hole in the lid from Home Town for Rs. 150 a piece. These make cute containers for serving juices at parties. But, I saw huge potential in these to be used for potpourri or as soap dispensers in the bathroom. The hole in the lid makes it a lot easier to push the dispenser through.

glass jars from home town

Things required:

  • Glass jar
  • Hammer
  • Screw driver
  • Some heat source
  • Dispensing pump from another soap dispenser

How to make a soap dispenser:

  1. Turn the cap of the glass bottle inside out. Insert the pump and mark with a pencil how big a hole you need.
  2. Since there was already a hole in this bottle, I just had to make it wider by 2-3 cm.
  3. Heat the end of a screwdriver in the gas.
  4. While it is hot, hammer the hot end of the screw driver in the bottle cap to make the hole bigger. Heating makes the job easier.

It will look something like this. Not pretty, but it’s only on the inside.


5. Turn the cap inside down and see if the pump passes through the hole and is steady.

6. Cut the ends of the plastic tube inside if it is too long for the bottle.

7. If the cap is not steady, then glue it to the cap. Mine was firm, so I did not glue.

mason jar dispenser

8. Ta da.. the bottle is ready to be used as a dispenser now.

mason jar dispenser

There are many creative ways of using old glass bottles. For years now, I have used Maggi sauce bottles as oil dispensers.


  1. That is one super cool idea and immensely doable..! Thanks!

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