Thanks to a bunch of sites catering to every fetish from street wear to handicrafts, working is so much fun now.

When I want a minute’s break, I just let myself be distracted and click on one of the ads that pop up. And boy, am I glad when I find a treasure on a newly discovered site. Like a old wooden block, an antique shelf, a block printed kurta in indigo, or a kantha cushion.

Of course, it’s another story that a minute’s break often stretches into ten minutes or more, and I feel guilty before getting back to work.

It’s Friday. The weekend is almost here,  and you are allowed to sneak a few more minutes into your break time :)

I’m sure there are many of you out there who spends hours window gazing like me. I have five awesome picks for you today from Askmebazaar all under Rs. 1,000.

friday shopping from askmebazaar


ceramic knobs

1.Ceramic knobs for Rs. 320. I have similar knobs that I have used for the drawers in my entryway. Even though these are tiny, they often catch the eye of people entering the home. These stand out in particular against a white background lending an ethnic touch.






2. Wall shelf for Rs. 849. I think this would be a good fit for your apartment garden, or even in the kitchen. wall shelves





wall shelves

3. 3  cube shelves for Rs. 849. There is no such thing as too many floating shelves in my opinion. They are the perfect accessory to display curios. You can even them them a distressed look if you like after a while.




4. Two portion hand painted platter for Rs. 799. There was this show called Ariana’s Persian Kitchen I was watching on Fox Life the other day where the host was a visiting a Turkish home. More than the dishes I fell for the stunningly painted crockery everything was served in. The crockery had such intricate patterns and were so colorful. Morocco and Turkey figure on the top on my places to visit before time’s up. How about you?

5. Wooden tray and bowl set for Rs. 999. I am so much in love with the coconut wood bowls I picked up from Paradise Road in Colombo. These look similar to those. I can tell from experience that more than what you serve in the bowls, guests are enthralled by the bowls they are served in.

Image courtesy: AskmeBazaar

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