Visually Enticing Stalls at Sampoorn Santhe

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Overcast skies.

Hair gently blowing in the wind.

Colors as pretty as these.

Blue pottery; block prints; copper vessels. So much diversity under a roof and everything that India stands for.

Elegantly dressed ladies draped in beautiful saris. What an electric atmosphere.

Sampoorn Santhe is back in town with its visually enticing stalls. If you are craving for Indo-fusion wear in indigo hues, this is the exhibition to go to. Several stalls stacked with block-printed skirts, palazzos, culottes, and dresses. The regulars at Sampoorn were there along with some new entrants. I took a break for a few months from these exhibitions as there were the usual suspects (same stalls) hosted by a different banner each time. And with too many exhibitions happening all around the year, it had lost its novelty. But, it felt good this afternoon. It was good to see Vaaso again.

Some pictures from the exhibition.





Fridays can’t get better than this.

To see the entire deck, please visit dyh’s Facebook page :Sampoorn Santhe





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