1 Awesome Cleaning Habit to Keep Your House Clutter Free

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Wondering if I missed a digit in the headline? Should it have been 10 cleaning habits or 11? No, you read it right. This one habit I came across in a list a few days ago has transformed my life for the better, and it’s only right that I share it with you all.

I subscribed to Elle Decor’s feed on Facebook and often find their cleaning/organizing lists useful. One such list was titled 11 daily habits to keep a house clean and tidy. The title piqued my interest.

Now, I am not a cleaning fanatic and you are less likely to find my house super organized any time of the day. No, there are no clothes lying on the floor, unmade beds, unclean toilets, clothes waiting to be folded, untrimmed grass in the garden, trash waiting to be taken out, or dirty vessels in the sink – none of that. It will be clean, yes, but you will also find the dining table as if it were a war zone filled with laptop, books, calculator. It’s more of a working desk. We tried to change it for the better when we moved to this place, but  gave up after a while. This is where the whole family hangs out in the evenings doing home work, working, talking, snacking and I’d rather have the commotion and liveliness than trade it for a clean dining table.

Moving into this duplex house + terrace from a single floor apartment also meant a lot of legwork for all of us. It took us months to come to terms with going up and down the stairs and learn how to organize ourselves better. Some of the questions I initially had were which toilet would be convenient to use in the mornings to get ready to school, which level should school clothes be kept, where is it convenient to do home work, how often should laundry be done, drying in the ground floor or terrace etc etc. There is more of a rhythm now after six months though it’s not fool-proof yet, and I’m using this break to get this more organized before the frenzy begins again.

Coming to the tip, this awesome tip has brought in a sea change over the past week: Never Leave a Room Empty Handed. I have been mindfully following it: I never leave a room empty handed now, which has considerably reduced the number of time I take the flight of stairs. For instance, today, while going up from the dining room, I picked up books, and some new stuff that came in last night upstairs. And while coming down, I bought the set of clothes to be ironed. As simple as it may sound, I consciously scan a room before moving to the next and believe me, it makes a huge difference.

Do you have any tips to share for a organized home? I would be happy to hear.


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  1. You have exactly described the way that I follow. Our living and dining room are down and bedrooms are upstairs. Often I keep the things to be taken like books, cloth, stationary on the staircase so that they are carried upstairs when I an going to d rooms. Similarly I keep clothes to b laundered, uniform to b worn are kept on a parapet upstairs so that itS bought down whoever is coming down. But inspite of this I do minimum 10 rounds up and down. ?

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