There is something to learn from every hotel. Some of the well-designed hotels offer you a crash course in design. All you need is to look around with open eyes and an open mind. There are a few things I always observe and make a mental note of, if I like:

  • the layout of the bathrooms
  • the closet design, if anything different
  • art

I’m listing the four design aspects that appealed to me at Hyatt Hampi:

  • Double the handle as a towel hanger: by placing the handle horizontally, it doubles up as a hand towel hanger. This eliminates the need to buy a towel rod and drill holes on the tiles.

towel hanger

  •  A tile/granite partition instead of glass partition. The layout is not clear in the picture below. The commode and shower/wash area are segregated using a stone partition. There is also a glass partition. But, if properly structure, one can do away with the glass partition and just have the stone partition. This is relatively easy to take care of than rubbing the hard water stains on glass.  The only downside is that it makes the bathroom appear small.


  • Niche: niches are always a great idea and lend to it a rustic/neat look.


  • A granite slab inside the closet for luggage: do you often host house guests? If yes, then this is a great idea instead of stowing away suitcases under the bed or on top of a side table. When my parents visit, they find it inconvenient to bend down. So, I prop it up a old writing table for ease of access. But, if you have ample closet space, you can convert a shelf of a two door closet at your waist length to have a shelf. If you want it to be sturdy enough, get a granite inserted. This way luggage is easy to access for visitors and out of sight. When no one is visiting, it can be used as a shelf too or to hand long coats. You may choose to cover the space with doors instead of leaving it open as in a hotel.

luggage access

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Image courtesy:

Taken by me at Hyatt Hampi

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