Day 4: Surface clean fans, switchboards, light fixtures, and doors.

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Some of the most dustiest places in a home are above our heads – places that are out of normal sight and reach. Ready to look upward? All the surfaces over your heads will get a shine! If you can spare a little over 30 minutes, it will be wonderful.

What you’ll need: collect your supplies

I’m getting a little inventive with this one after having tried a number of cleaning methods to see what fits best:

  1. A bucket to hold your cleaning essentials.
  2. 2 to 3 old pillow covers.
  3. Colin or any other surface cleaner.
  4. Microfiber cloth.
  5. Ladder.
  6. A pollution mask to cover your face and safety googles.
  7. A cloth to wrap your head
  8. Vacuum.
  9. Wipes


If your house is a duplex, I prefer starting from the top floor and then going down. But, the choice is yours. If it is a single floor, start from the bed room and work your way to the living room.

Clean the ceiling fans:

  1. Position the ladder towards such that when you climb on it, you can rotate the fan blades with ease and access the entire length of the blade. If you are uncomfortable going up by yourself, have someone hold the ladder.
  2. Insert the dry pillowcase into the blade and scrape the dust from teh top and bottom. The advantage is the dust stays inside the pillow case. Do this for all the blades.
  3. Spray Colin on the microfiber cloth. Clean the blades with the cloth.
  4. Next, move to the light fixtures. Dust it with a dry cloth and then blow dry with a vacuum if need be. I wouldn’t suggest using a wet cloth for delicate fixtures.
  5. Use wipes to clean the switchboards and door knobs.
  6. Repeat this for every room. Every room should take an average of 10-15 minutes.




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