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As you tour new homes, how often have you wondered how much the interiors would have cost? Most of the fancy kitchens cost an arm and a leg ranging anywhere between 10 and 15 lakhs. I personally find designing the interiors of a house akin to taking any competitive exam when it comes to stress levels.

If you are not fortunate enough to have zeroed in on the right interior designer, you wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat with so many unanswered questions. When we were designing our kitchen, so many questions ran through our minds on a daily basis, and without a proper designer, Google was the only answer. I’m sure you would have faced these at some point of your home building journey:

Marine ply or BWR ply?  Or stainless steel?

Hetitch or Blum? Steel hob or glass hob?

Granite or Corian top?

How much is the right price to pay for such a kitchen?

You get it. The questions are endless; ideas even more. The more time we spent on them, the more we got confused with the choices available. And oh, add those trips to kitchen showrooms over the weekends, that only adds to more confusion. I am sure you are working with your own constraints.

In this post, I’m going to showcase a live stainless steel kitchen executed by Capricoast. Not just that, one of their designers has graciously agreed to answer many of the dilemmas we often face when designing a kitchen. I honestly wish information such as this was available a year ago.

Key details about the project:

Name of the project: Sobha Eternia

Location: Bangalore

Size: 9.5 feet hob side (hob and sink on opposite walls); 6.5 feet sink side

Type of kitchen: Stainless steel

Shape of kitchen: Parallel

Price: INR 3,40,000 (3.4 Lakhs)


stainless steel kitchen

steel kitchen


Designer speaks on the process

Excerpts from a tete-a-tete with the designer to understand how the kitchen took shape.

What inputs did you get from the customer for this kitchen: any preferences, constraints?

The customer preferred a quick turnaround for installation at the site. Initially, going by conventional wisdom, she opted for a  traditional wood kitchen, but gravitated towards a steel one later on. The advantages of a steel kitchen is that it is quicker to install and it can be reassembled more easily. Another plus point is that the steel used in the cabinetry could be sold as scrap even after 10 years.

How did you design the layout as this is what takes the most time?

In this case, it was straightforward as the layout was for a parallel kitchen. Options usually arise if the kitchen is rectangular or square with continuous walls on three sides. In my view, a parallel kitchen:

  • is the most effective from a functionality perspective.
  • can delineate sink and hob as they are on opposite sides. This makes it technically feasible to keep the dry and wet areas separate. This ensures any leakages do not destroy your cabinets.
  • allows for ease in operating appliances. Appliances such as wet grinder, mixer etc can be planned to be operated on the sink side.

The design discussion on layouts spanned about 10 days for this kitchen.

steel kitchen

What were the customer’s requirements for this kitchen?

  • Given that the customer was living overseas, all our meetings were pre-planned. so yes, it is possible to get interiors done without being physically present.
  • Her requirements for the kitchen were basic. There were no requirements for a tall unit; initially she had asked for an under the counter oven unit, but later dropped the idea.
  • After our layout planning and design discussions, we made sketch ups.

steel kitchen

steel kitchen

steel kitchen

What are the advantages of a steel kitchen?

Steel needs no introduction as a material. It is easy to clean, very durable, rust proof (treated steel), termite resistant, and fungus proof. You pay a high price for achieving all of this with wood.

steel kitchen

Take us through the accessories and fittings in this kitchen:

  • Hettich tandem boxes that have a good load bearing capacity are used in this kitchen.

What countertop did you recommend?

  • I suggested granite, which is a natural stone, dark, non-porous, scratch resistant, strong and highly durable-can even split coconuts on it! Customer opted for a metallic grey shade to go with the steel kitchen dark colors work best – easy to maintain. Corian on the other hand is less resistant to heat and tough to maintain.

What are the appliances in this kitchen?

  • There is a built-in hob. Apart from that, there are no inbuilt appliances such as oven or dishwasher. Everything is freestanding.
  • The sink is a single bowl sink.

Did you do any civil work in this project?

  • No, we did not. But, there are kitchens where we have undertaken extensive civil work such as laying the granite and tiles.

How long did it take to implement this kitchen?

  • The installation took 1 day. Yes, you read it right – 1 day.

The objective of this post was to showcase that an awesome and durable kitchen should not dent your budget, and empower you to make the right choice.

Image courtesy: Capricoast



  1. S Mathew

    Though we were very much for the idea of installing an SS kitchen in our apartment, On checking reviews for Beth Kitchens online, saw many negative comments regarding the installation which has made us have aecond thoughts aa to whether we need to proceed further with steel kitchen.
    Also this bulk payment of the entire amount at the jnitial point itself makes the clients wary of their investment. Even if it was 50 before n 50 after installation, it would have been good.
    Kindly let us know if you have any viable options.

  2. laksh

    Thank you for stopping by, Mathew. It’s a valid concern. When i bought the kitchen from Capricoast, it was phase based payments that made practical sense to both paries. Someone from Capricoast will clarify on the current process and payment structure. Hope that helps.Please feel free to raise any other concerns.

  3. Hi Mathew, I work for CapriCoast and would like to address your concerns. CapriCoast selects all its partners after careful consideration of their quality and service standards. Beth is also an esteemed partner with us and has consistently delivered quality steel kitchens for us. When you get your interiors done through a CapriCoast partner, you get added benefits, payment terms being one of them. As mentioned by @Laksh, we follow phase-based payments and you would not have to pay the entire amount :) You also have the convenience of making online payments with EMI options available. A CapriCoast consultant is assigned to you, who would assist in the entire project completion until you are completely satisfied. To know more, you can reach us at 080-46854444.

  4. How much cost for the L shape 9’x7′ SS kitchen cabinets with hob,chimney&sink complete installation.

  5. laksh

    Dear Roy: I would suggest you get in touch with Capricoast team for a quote.

  6. Vidya refdy

    Hey, do you work in Hyderabad? If so please get in touch with me. My number is 9866552856

  7. Lakshmi

    No, we don’t. But I can connect you with someone who does.

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