How to Make Scented Candles at Home

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Hope you all had a great weekend. Friday evening, my toddler son and I weren’t quite in the mood to go to the park. I discovered a candle making kit earlier that evening while cleaning the loft in one of the boxes, and kept it down. The candle making starter kit from Fevicryl lay untouched for over three years; I had purchased it at Ozone in Pune for Rs.49. When my son asked me what it was, I said” We can make candles with this and light diyas for Deepavali.”

Running out of things to keep us entertained that evening, we both made a unanimous decision of making candles. And what fun it was. My little helper unpacked the small ingredients box, helped me take pictures, and got the kadai out. Most importantly, he kept the energy levels high with his enthusiasm for anything new; it was fun.

Scented Candle
Scented Candle

Here I share with you how to make your own scented candles at home in 4 easy steps:

Things you’ll need:




Color bar

(all the above are in a standard Fevicryl starter pack)




Things youll need to make scented candle
Things you'll need to make scented candle

Steps to make a scented Candle:

1. Take a kadai to heat the wax in. I would suggest using a old kadai or one that you don’t use anymore/often, as the cleaning has to be immediate and is hard work.

2. Empty the paraffin packet into the kadai and turn on the heat. In less than 10 minutes, the paraffin will melt completely. Ensure there are no lumps or leftover pieces by stirring in between. I used a discarded tree branch for stirring (yea, lazy to clean a spoon).

And finally, the finished product
And finally, the finished product

3. Keep the moulds ready. Make a small hole at the base right in the middle of each mold for wick to pass through. Keep one more larger mould (preferrably a glass votive) handy to pour the hot wax in.

4. Cut the lengthy wick into pieces long enough for each mould. Pass each wick through the bottom of a mould. This will help in the positioning of the wick once the hot wax is poured. For the glass votive, you can position the wick through a different technique.

5. Break the color bars in the pack into two. You get 4 pieces of color bars with the pack and one is large enough for every mould. For getting lighter results, break into two and keep one in each of the mould.

6. Now, that the wick and color bars are ready, pour the hot wax in each of the moulds carefully. Ensure they don’t overflow. There is enough wax in the pack to make 8 scented candles. What I did was to make 4 – one for each of the mould- and one other large candle in a glass bowl. Pour a few drops of perfume (I used Ralhp Lauren) or scented oil into the mould, and stir all of them together. The color bar dissolves instantly in the hot wax.

7. I used the extra paraffin to put into a small glass bowl that I’d got as a gift for Dussera. It looked beautiful in it ( I don’t have a picture), because my son accidentally dropped it the next morning and it broke into pieces. Now the candle sits in a melamine cup.

7. Hold the wick with one hand while you pour the hot wax in the molds.  The wax should solidify within hours. For the glass one, pour just a little wax (less than one fourth of the container) with the wick placed in the middle. Let the wax solidify around the wick, then pour some more hot wax and let it solidify. Repeat the process three to four times until you have filled the glass votive with wax.

Let the wax cool. You now have home made scented candles ready to be lit for Diwali.

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All images taken by me.



  1. great ! did not know fevicry had a kit like this sounds easy to use

  2. Nice post! I have seen that using an aluminium kadai is better since it is easier to clean.
    Happy Diwali to you :)

  3. Its really been a great thing to know about candle making and make it in a different kinds of shape.Really ,this is useful post which i find here.

  4. excellent description, this was first thing someone like you have really given accurate information

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