Day 9: 5 easy ways to clean and maintain a healthy garden

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Gardening is a mindful activity. Having my ginger tea in the morning on this bench over the weekends is soothing and sets the tone for the day. This piece of green was what appealed to both of us about this house.

A garden can also be high maintenance if not tended to every morning. I spend about 20-30 minutes on an average each morning after son goes to school to deweed and water the plants in the terrace and lawn. Every Sunday morning, I add manure. So except trimming the grass once a month, there is nothing much for a gardener to do.

Usually I trim the grass myself. this time I called in the gardener. If you haven’t been maintaining your balcony/terrace garden regularly, here are 5 easy steps to get it back in shape.

green patch

Things you’ll need:

5 easy steps to clean your garden:

  1. If you have several gardening areas around the house, make a mental note of which parts you will tend to first, and then repeat the process in other areas. Wear the gloves and deweed stray plants with a weeder.
  2. Trim the grass with shears.
  3.  Prune trees and hedges that require pruning. I pruned the areca palms.
  4. Collect the waste. Mulch the trees with dried organic waste. The growth improves when you mulch.
  5. Water the plants and rearrange the pots, if need be. And you’re done.

Tips to maintain healthy plants:

  • On a daily basis, I check for pests underneath leaves and around the plants. If I find something, then I spray an organic solution on the affected parts.
  • On a weekly basis, I feed them nutrition either in the form of compost or mostly panchagavya.
  • I also prune as the need arises to boost growth.

Image source: our garden taken by me.


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