Home Tour: Step Inside This 600 Sq. Ft. Renovated Home

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Home Tour: Step Inside This 600 Sq. Ft. Renovated Home

AD is a treasure trove of homes that excel in design. This 600 sq.ft. renovated home in Mumbai featured in the latest issue of AD. I was floored by the space utilization concepts of this apartment in Mahim belonging to Nikhil and Rima Bhende.

Before-after pictures alongside would have accentuated the breathtaking transformation.

Location: Mahim

Area: 600 sq. ft

No. of rooms: Living, 2 bed rooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a loft space above a bed room.

Type: Renovation

Who lives here : a family of 5

Time taken to complete: 6 months and 10 days

A striking balance between functionality, aesthetics, and space utilization is best put to test when space is a constraint. With its brilliant design of clearly demarcating spaces and creating additional ones in the form of  a loft takes it to a whole new level. When space is minimal, there is no room for clutter. What stays is what you need.

How to squeeze and use multipurpose furniture in small spaces.

Keeping the decor simple with a collage of the family’s travels.

This tiny apartment is less on space but BIG on style.

This Burma teak staircase leads upto the daughter’s room from the living room. The high ceiling enabled them to accommodate a bedroom in the loft.

The choice of colors also plays an important role such as the mustard yellow wall here complements the abundance of natural light.

A bright and airy bedroom on the loft of a small home

The compact bathroom is aesthetic and functional, thanks to the navy patterned tiles.

Brilliant ideas from a small Mumbai apartment

For a designer to execute a first project with such clarity is par excellence. And for the homeowners to handover a project such as this demands trust, and that is commendable.

Image and Information Courtesy: Architectural Digest




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