Gross alert: there’s a lot of stomach-churning description in this post. So, in jest, please be warned that this is not for the faint-hearted. this post talks about how to remove hard water scales and shine your bathrooms with one awesome product. Bonus: No elbow grease.

Strands of hair. Ewwww….

Lime scale build up. Not a pretty sight.

Discolored tiles: disgusting!

Dirty foot marks.

Gross and wet. Slimy!

What’s the best cleaning product for bathroom?

Not a tough one to guess what part of the house you will be cleaning today. Today, as we clean one of the nastiest parts of the house, I realize this is also one I find the most pleasure in after it is done. One of the delights of a vacation is to wake up each morning to a shining bathroom, and someone else does the cleaning. How nice!

My latest fetish is to see the professionals in action as they clean the bathrooms time and again. First, when I called the folks from MyBlueBottle to deep clean the house before we moved in. And next, watching the housekeeping staff in action at the Hyatt Hampi.

More often than not, professionals either use an in-house cleaner, or refuse to disclose what they use. But, in both these cases, they were forthcoming. I was concerned at the state of our new bathrooms and the toilet bowl, in particular, that was discolored with hard water and saw dust after the wood work. But, they did an amazing job of restoring the shine to faucets and tiles in the four bathrooms.

The best part was it was not using a truck load of abrasive cleaners but just one magic product – Roff Cera Clean.  I am sure you have tried multiple products in an effort to keep it squeaky clean, haven’t you?

So, shall we get all our magic stuff together:


  1. Two buckets. One bucket to hold the supplies and one dry bucket to empty all the shelves, items on the bath counter and wash basin.
  2.  A glass wiper or squeegee.
  3.  A glass cleaner or a solution of vinegar + water.
  4. Lemons to shine the chrome.
  5. Dish soap or a herbal product such as Strategi that I have started using for granite top.
  6. Roff Cera Clean for the tiles and ceramic ware. I refrain from acid washing because it destroys the grout leading to seepage and the sheen of the tiles also goes away.
  7. A scrubber to remove hard stains and water marks. I find this brush convenient to use and access those dirty corners.
  8. A couple of old dry towels.
  9. Hand gloves.
  10. Toilet bowl cleaner.
  11. Toilet brush.
  12. Scouring pad used to clean utensils or a sponge.
  13. Floor wiper.


See the entire deep cleaning process in action here as done by professionals.

  1. Empty the contents of all the cabinets and the counter top into one bucket. If you have plants sitting on the windowsill, move them outside.
  2. Put on your gloves. Pour Roff Cera Clean in the toilet bowl, along the rim, and wash basin ensuring the entire area is covered. Dilute it with water and using a wet sponge apply it on the seat cover. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  3. Identify dirty spots on the floor and wall tiles, and sponge those areas with Roff Cera Clean. Any cleaner acts best when you allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Tie the shower head with vinegar and water, and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  5. Rub lemons on all chrome fixtures such as taps, faucets etc.
  6. We’ll clean the rest of the bathroom and return to wipe these areas. Spray the glass cleaner on the glass partition (if any), mirrors, and glass shelves. Squeegee it following the same pattern we used for the windows. Wipe it dry with a dry cloth.
  7. Clean the shower head.
  8. Clean the granite top with your hand wash liquid. Yes, you read it right, it is gentle. Do not use ceramic cleaners on marble or granite tops. Alternatively, you can use a kitchen cleaner too.
  9. Wipe the chrome fixtures with a clean dry cloth. Ensure there is no water residue.
  10. Clean the toilet bowl with the toilet brush. Clean the seat cover. Clean the wash basin. Wipe everything dry.
  11. Lastly, pour water on the tiles to remove the cleaning solution gently scrubbing where dirty. Using a floor wiper remove the excess water and later mop it.
  12. You can place the items back once the bathroom has dried. And voila, we’re done!
bathroom deep cleaning

I got to know more about the wonders of Roff CeraClean at the Acetech Exhibition in Bangalore last week. It was held at the BIEC, a venue that gives me butterflies in my stomach every time I step into Hall 1. For the uninitiated, it is where the CFA exams are held every year. The event in itself was an eyeopener on many fronts. The team from Pidilite and other experts from the industry spoke about many relevant topics:

  • how to waterproof terraces in general with foam and if you plan to have a terrace garden.
  • How to question your builder for the type of waterproofing used. Educate yourself with the waterproofing app to ask the right questions.
  • roof and wall treatment to reduce the indoor summer temperatures by over 8 deg C. Given that there is a double height west-facing window in our living with no ventilation, this interested me. I am planning to get the Newcoat Cool coating done for our terrace to give us some respite from the summer heat.
  • epoxy products you can use for grouting tiles. Instead of using the normal white cement, I personally find this to be effective as it does not absorb dirt easily.


  1. Any tips for a pleasant smelling bathroom for a longer duration.

  2. laksh

    These are something that work for me:

    1. Keeping it free of moisture. If you let water stay, then it creates an unpleasant odor.
    2. I use Godrej Aer sachets for pleasant smell and replace them after 25 days.
    3. Keep the windows open for atleast sometime in the morning to let air circulate. No odor is good odor.
    4. Check the efficiency and power of your exhaust fan as well.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Kalashirin

    It is really good and very useful to everyone also.

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