Home Tour: A Modern Interpretation of the Traditional Courtyard

Another gem from AD that celebrates the courtyard. Courtyard is that one coveted element of architecture of the bygone era we would all like to hold dear.  You can see the courtyard making a comeback in many individual homes with different interpretations. For centuries, it has been known by different names in different parts of the subcontinent, some call it mittham, wada, nallukettu etc.The idea remains the same: it is the central area around which the other parts of the house are constructed.

The architectural element of the courtyard worked well for the joint family setup of the past where in every family had a room/kitchen to themselves and gathered around the courtyard for functions/festivals and generally to hang around. everything revolved around this focal point. The modern interpretations of the courtyard are executed brilliantly in these homes.


Our ancestral home in Kumbakonam had an open courtyard which was converted into large skylight on renovation. The effect of natural light is retained but it lost its open air charm. The image below is modern and minimalistic to the core, while beautifully incoporating a skylight.
clean interpretation

This one leaves nothing to imagination. Sky is the limit here.


For more inspiration on how to incorprate courtyards in your home, check out this piece in AD.

Image Courtesy: of various homes via AD

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  1. Anchal Gupta

    The pictures above of the courtyard architecture is very beautiful which brings both the traditional aspect accompanied by the modernity ……

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