5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Heavenly All the Time (and Good Sleep/Mood Is a Bonus!)

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5 ways to make your home smell heavenly all the time (and good sleep/mood is a bonus!)


OK. I have a confession (make that two!) to make.

I’m sleep-deprived most days, because I can’t sleep through the night.

And, I’m obsessed with mild, natural scents.

Ever wondered why spas make you feel good from the moment you step in? Do you have a distinct memory of a place because of the way it smelled? It’s in the air? Of course, it is. Floating Frangipanis, the soothing music, the subtle fragrance – the overall effect is mesmerizing so much so that it automatically relaxes you even before the spa divas work their magic.

Over these months, I have strived to make my home smell good heavenly so that I can feel better, and sleep better. It has worked along with mindful breathing and some light reading before bed.

So here are five ways to treat yourself, your family and guests to a sweet aroma that will only take a few minutes every week, but will keep your home smelling heavenly always:

  • Potpourri with essential oils: You’ll often read that lavender has a calming effect on one’s mood. I have a small glass bowl filled with potpourri in my bedroom and sprinkle it with a few drops of lavender essential oil once in a while. The scent is mild but smells fresh.
  • Godrej Aer in strategic places: these fragrant sachets are a blessing. I have been using them for over 6 months now. First, I confined them to only the bathrooms. Then, after seeing my dad place it in the car, I have started placing them in strategic places like mixing it with the bowl of potpourri in the living, or surreptitiously hanging them by a vase in the foyer. My favorite flavors are the purple/green ones. The fragrance lasts easily for 30 days.



  • Burning bay leaves: I learnt this trick recently that to get that distinctive smell and feel of a spa, all you need to do is burn a bay leaf. Every evening I burn a few bay leaves. To my surprise, they not only keep mosquitoes at bay, but also make the home smell like spa.
  • Fresh flowers: Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know my love for tube roses (aka rajnigandha). Often, you will find two or three bulbs of rajnigandha in the living room. The flowers stay fresh for over a week. Just immerse the stems in an inch of water in a glass bottle. The flowers will greet you to an amazing smell every time you step inside the house. They smell the best when the buds bloom and after 2-3 days.fresh flowersrajnigandha
  • Air freshener: I’m wary of air freshener sprays, deodorants and perfumes I haven’t used one in more than a decade. So I was skeptical of using this air freshener at home. But, this was different. The fragrance is quite pleasant, and not over powering at all.

What are your secrets of making your home smell fresh? Spill them; I would love to hear and adopt them.

Image courtesy: All taken at home


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