How is the weather in your part of the world? The days are sunny and the nights are cold, here in Bangalore. My son is under the weather for the past three days. So post lunch, we pulled ourselves to the terrace to soak in the winter sun while I passed on some TLC to the plants, and he started feeling much better. Nothing beats these simple pleasures of life…..

Our terrace can do with pops of color and some facelift…maybe a painted door, window and more flowering pots.  While scouring for ideas on the Houzify app, I realized a good 30 minutes later that I had bookmarked 9 favorites each representing one room. There you go, if you are in the process of doing up your home, here is your design genie. Sharing the jaw-dropping pictures that inspired me…and hoping you find yours, too.

Let’s start with the foyer designed by Zero 9. I personally believe this is a brilliant idea. I had always wanted to have a jhoola/oonjal/traditional swing in the house but couldn’t find a place for it. This one creatively uses the concept of a Paris style seating, so what if you can’t swing. Throw in the yellow/mustard color flooring and your ethnic looks is done.

9 Stunning Rooms from Houzify (Bonus: Curated from real homes)

IC: Sebastian + Ira + Rashmi for ZERO9

Next, let’s move to the living room. This is Kamna Kaul’s living room. May I suggest you take a tour of her entire home? No words can do justice to the visual pleasure. Every inch of this space is a tribute to handicrafts and artifacts curated from her travels.

traditional living room

Coming up next are the bedrooms, in no particular order.

a minimalist bedroom

For that breezy feel, when the ocean is not close.

coastal bedroom

Now, let’s step outdoors to the veranda, the terrace and the backyard.


The blue windows and bamboo blinds do it for me in this.

colorful balcony

Such beautiful alcoves ..a reminder that every part of the home must be equally loved.

terrace garden

Red brick walls, blue pottery coaster..aaah!


exposed brick wall

Image courtesy:

All pictures are from Houzify.


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