When it comes to dressing up a home, walls take precedence over everything else.  The possibilities are endless for wall as a canvas: a fresh coat of paint with the color of the season, a wall paper, a collage, an over-sized art work, graffiti, doodling on the wall, decal or color blocking.

Doors have always fascinated me. I love doors that are painted yellow, blue – they are showstoppers like no other.

I wanted to do something different for the entrance of my son’s room: on the door, of course. My inspiration for the door came from here. This is a beautiful work of Switch Over Studio.

simpsons on door

My son has been a huge fan of the Peanuts since he was five. So I knew the entrance to his room should have some representation of that. Ta da..and I came up with this. This is how the door looked before.

before picture

And after the DIY that took all of 10 minutes..

Peanuts on door

That’s some love between Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

It was easier said than done. Finding a vendor who would print a vinyl sticker was tough. After some research, I found Sunderella, and ordered vinyl sticker. The sticker came in a tube neatly packaged with detailed instructions on how to peel the adhesive and stick it onto a surface. What you see is just the outline.  So it was delicate and the positioning had to be perfect. As the surface was dark, I ordered the sticker in white.

charlie brown and snoopy vinyl sticker

How do you like the transformation?

Image courtesy:

1 – Simpsons

All pictures except the first one taken by me at home.



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