Sometimes you take a liking to a particular magazine, website, tune that you keep flipping/playing it over and over again. There is no formula to decipher this fondness; it just clicks and stays in the head space for days, sometimes weeks. That’s how it is with AD for me now.

I’ve compiled five of the most interesting homes on AD in 2016. They all share a recurring theme: minimalist, have an abundance of wood to bring in the warmth, a flood of natural light, open spaces, embracing the outdoors, and a liberal use of white.

Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid’s light-filled, minimalist home

Some of the elements I fell in love with in this house: the staircase, the nee tree, burma teak furniture, and the part where Imran says that everyone owned this project. It was interesting to ask your contractors to flip through magazine pages to get a sense of what you want. Brilliant. Often time, the idea stays in our head and doesn’t get translated into what we visualized.

Sara Vetteth and Harsha Viji’s Chennai home that embraces the outdoors with full zest.

The boundary between interiors and exteriors gets diminished when you live in a house like this.

A courtyard home in Alibaug

This is one beautiful house I kept going back to. The home is neatly tucked behind the trees giving away very little of the openness and what to expect inside.

a courtyard home in mumbai

a courtyard home in mumbai

Nikhil and Rima Bhende’s 600 sq.ft home in Mumbai

Founders of Estudio Campana design their first home in Brazil

This bedroom is the stuck song in my head. Simplicity exemplified. Is is the purple headboard? Is it the understated artwork in a corner, or let your imagination-run-wild for what the view is like outside? I don’t know but I just love it.

AD has compiled their own list of best homes of 2016.

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