riva carpet

As soft as a feather,

As smooth as a glider,

As warm as the sun,

As firm as a rock,

As pleasant as smile,

As beautiful as you.

Inspired and adapted from Lenka’s Everything at once – one of my all time favorites.


These words also describe this beauty that arrived in the mail today. Our home is a slowly evolving one with each piece lovingly added over time. That way there is always something to cherish and look forward to; it keeps the freshness intact.

As much as an online person I am, when it comes to certain things such as rugs, comforters, and bed sheets, I prefer the old-fashioned see-touch-feel-and buy way. But, this 4″ by 6″ carpet took me by surprise; neither did I see it nor touch it.

I loved it but wasn’t sure where it would fit well – the living room or elsewhere. It came neatly packaged as a roll. One look and my husband said I should put it in the master bedroom. Sometimes husbands and kids know it better. Given the traditional design of the bedroom, the classical motifs on the carpet fit in well with the overall theme.


The 4″ by 6″ carpet from Riviera Textiles is sold under the brand name “Riva Carpets” on all websites.

What makes Riva carpets different? 

  • Riva’s products are designed designers based in USA and Europe in accordance with the trends in the industry.
  • Each and every product is designed with extreme attention to detail and every product at Riva has a story to tell in terms of material selection and design.
  • Design: the designs are healthy mix of  traditional, ethnic, classical to trendy, contemporary and modern designs.
  • Material: for rugs and carpets, they primarily use viscose and wool, both the materials are of top-notch quality.
  • Process: the carpets are both machine and handmade. The handmade segment empowers labors from carpet weaving background thereby preserving the art of carpet weaving by hand. The company started as a manufacturer of hand woven fabrics and rugs sold to domestic distributors. The products in the premium range are “hand woven” products.
  • Quality:  Every rug made at Riva goes through a thorough inspection at their testing and quality labs. They have certification of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX , Hohenstein, which is primarily to test that the carpet is environment friendly and causes no environmental harm to humans.

Riva Carpets primarily operates in the “floor furnishing” category. They design and manufacture rugs and mats customized for use in every room of your house. Rugs range from large living room rugs to smaller size are rugs perfect for your bedroom.


riva carpet


Riva also has a huge range of absolutely fabulous bathmats that are “anti skid” and have a high water absorption quotient. They are made using luxuriously soft yarns, ranging from natural fibers like cotton and cotton blends, to different blends of cotton and synthetics, such as acrylic, polyester and much more.

Where to buy Riva carpets, rugs, and bathmats?

Riva carpets are sold online exclusively on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Fabfurnish. You can follow them on Facebook here.

This post is sponsored by Riva Carpets.

Image Courtesy: Riva


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