Baskets from the Baba Tree Basket Company

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Baskets from the Baba Tree Basket Company

This post is a compilation of my favorite baskets from Baba Tree Basket company and how you can buy them.

Pinterest is smart.

It is aware of the things I love and adore.

Baskets being one of them. Brownies being the other.

Pin recommendations have been full of drool-worthy brownies.

But, it’s not often that you stop scrolling to drool and obsess over one pin because its pixels are oozing with deftness and beauty. I’m talking about these lovely baskets from the Baba Tree Basket Company. My love for baskets is no secret. I found the vacation to US two years back fulfilling only after a couple of visits to Ikea/TJ Maxx and stuffing the luggage with baskets.

Nothing can match these baskets – they are a decor item on their own.

These handwoven baskets are handwoven by artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana and marketed/distributed worldwide by Baba Tree. These functional and colorful are available in unique styles in a combination of colors and sizes. Their purposes are are as varied as their hue of colors ranging from shopping and laundry to laundry and storage.

In addition to monetary compensation, isn’t it a nice way to recognize the effort that the weaver holding the basket is the weaver that created it? Some of my favorites…

Laundry basket by  Anaba Asaayamgah

handwoven laundry basket

Shopping basket by Alfred Akantame

shopping basket

A small bicycle basket by Akasengamah

bicycle basket

Specialty basket by Mary Ayinebora

specialty basket handwoven

Storage basket by Joe Ayinpala

storage basket handwoven

A pot basket by Azuporka

handwoven pot basket

I also loved the ones under the exclsuive section. They are all sold out :(

I’m not sure if they deliver to India. The website says they are closed for the holidays; would love to reach out to them once they reopen.

Image Courtesy: Baba Tree


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  1. Hi there!
    Greetings from a very cold Vancouver, Canada!
    I’m presently visiting my aged father and the rest of my family and that is why is closed at the moment.
    Thank you so much for your article on the Baba Tree. It is always a thrill when our collective effort is recognised with such enthusiasm and eloquence.
    I will be returning to Bolgatanga, Ghana, around the 22nd of January and we’ll kick down the doors of the website a few days after that once the dust settles.
    Thanks again for the marvellous article – and yes, we do deliver to India!

    Gregory MacCarthy
    Founder / Director
    The Baba Tree

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