Pottery Lane: a non-descript street where hands are at work shaping lumps of clay into kulhads and tandoors

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pottery town

Every once in a while I hail a cab to take me to a part of the city I haven’t been to before.

This mini-adventure is refreshing to the soul and the mind.

Unfamiliar sights. Fresh scents. Some familiar cacophony. Different perspectives.

Every old neighborhood of Bangalore has a strong regional influence some of which can be seen to this day.

I had a meeting at Frazer Town around noon, and this seemed like a good opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of Pottery Lane, a to-visit neighborhood on my list, for long. Pottery town can now be safely crossed off.

I booked an Uber cab expecting the ride to Pottery Lance to last an hour in the peak morning traffic, but it was much quicker. I got down at the cross roads of Pottery Lane where the porch of every house dotting the narrow alley had over hundreds of pots in varying sizes and shapes. This post is primarily a photo feature. So sit back and enjoy.

pots fresh off the wheel


clay tandoors at pottery town bangalore

This was the first time I was seeing a tandoor. These huge pots do not have a base. They are empty at the bottom. I was looking for a huge pot with a base to be used as a planter. These are priced around Rs.1500.





Almost every house was selling kulhads. They were priced between Rs.3 and Rs.5. These are typically for one time use. You can set curd, or drink chai in them. It’s a great replacement for plastic cups in a party; adds to the aesthetic value. I have a few ceramic kulhads that I love having tea in.

One of the memorable moments of this trip would be this song playing from a house in the background; heard it after years. Nostalgia.





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