Do clothes fall out when you open your closet? Can you find your socks, hankies easily when in a hurry or do you have to empty the closet to find that red scarf? Is your personal space a treat to one’s eyes – with neatly ironed and folded clothes (with the fold facing outward) lining the shelves and crisp cotton saris and work suits arranged meticulously on hangers?  Many of us fall somewhere in between, don’t we? For a few days, however, after all the contents of the closet has been emptied out and organized, it does sport that Martha Stewart-closet look.

But why is it so hard to maintain an always well-organized closet? Lack of space, time, or no fixed space for accessories? It’s a combination of all of these factors. How much ever large one’s closet may be, if you don’t take the time out to discard what you haven’t worn in 6 months or if reorganizing is a quarterly affair, a disheveled closet will come as no surprise.

Here are some stimulating pictures to get ideas for organizing a closet (read: organizers, drawers, adjustable shelves, cubes and towel holders).

I saw this and fell in love with it instantly. Who owns such a large wall to wall closet? I mean who gets such a HUGE one all for themselves. See all the nice things that fit in there..

California Closet
California Closet
Kids closet
Kids' closet

Some other tips:

Maximize your closet space by providing a two-feet tall hanger rack for  saris at the bottom of the cupboard. This way you are not wasting space.

Design a closet that works well for you instead of buying an off-the-shelf product. Keep your belongings in mind.

Organize the closet at the beginning of every season. For instance, winter clothes should be moved to a storage area in the loft or in boxes once spring sets in.

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Pottery Barn

Martha Stewart Living

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