Where do you draw your inspiration for home makeover projects? Do you flip through your personal collection of home décor magazine, watch TV shows, subscribe to Google alerts, browse through websites like Martha Stewart or Elle Decoration, or do you just have the creative genes in you to come up with something breathtaking?

I do a bit of all the above. There are a dozen sites in my Google Reader under the category (Arts & Crafts) and some more under Home Décor. Apartment Therapy and decor8 provide my daily design fix (akin to nicotine for me)! They are more personal in nature. No doubt, there are scores of sits and blogs that do the usual lists like 8 things not to have in your bedside table to 101 ways to add a spark to your kitchen – one gets tired of these after a while.  They are the same ideas repeated in different words.

However, I came across some makeover ideas recently on House Beautiful and Country Living that were refreshing and is worth sharing. Nothing radical there. Most of them are simple projects that we tend to overlook.

A picture wall
An odd-shaped tree branch
An odd-shaped tree branch

I did this using Eucalyptus seeds a while ago.

Check them out and let me know if you liked them. Have a good weekend. See you again Monday.  For more ideas, look at these classic rooms.

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House Beautiful and Country Living

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