Stosa Cucine Opens its Doors to a New Store in Bangalore

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Stosa Cucine Opens its Doors to a New Store in Bangalore

My love for modular kitchens and kitchen design is no secret.

The more you see, the more you want. That’s the paradox of choice. From experience, seeking professional help to channel one’s requirements into a product is essential for a kitchen. The thin line between fancy wants and needs is blurred.

Imagine my excitement on receiving an invite to the store opening event of Stosa Cucine, the latest to dot Bangalore’s modular kitchen landscape. GoodHomes magazine in collaboration with Mirius Interni opened the doors to the new Stosa Cucine showroom in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

at the event
at the event

Mirius Interni in association with Stosa Cucine offers a gamut of modern, contemporary and classic modular kitchen designs from the iconic maker. There are seven kitchens on display at the showroom:

A rustic modular kitchen

This is lavishness at its best. Ever wondered how to camouflage those dirty plates and glasses that pile up on the countertop during the course of entertaining? You can hide them with sliding doors that otherwise stay open. Brilliant!

rustic kitchen
rustic kitchen
rustic kitchen

Stone kitchen

aleve kitchen
lacquered kitchen

Traditional kitchen

traditional kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this kitchen. It is traditional in looks with the paneling on the top, but modern in its accessories and functionality. This kitchen is practical in its design with an extended countertop that can be used as an eating counter, and chat talk with friends while one cooks. This kitchen is closer to mine in design and I have seen this past year how handy it is: my son recounts the day’s happenings with me in the evenings while having his dosa over the counter, or we cook up new recipes, or talk to friends while brewing a cup of tea for them. It’s a connected kitchen.

The bright and brilliant red kitchen

red kitchen

This is a huge kitchen with built in cooktops, handle-less drawers, cutlery drawers, plate stands etc. If you are ready to go all out, this glossy kitchen is the one for you.

Blue kitchen

blue kitchen
blue kitchen

Tired of the standard rectangular, straight kitchens? If you are longing for a curvy one, this is bound to satisfy you. How I love this teal one! It comes with a long pantry pullout. All accessories and appliances are their inhouse ones with built-in cooktops, dishwahser, oven etc.

Some nuggets of wisdom from Ashita Parmar, the COO of Mirius Interni:

  • Messy countertops: this one hurt, but it’s the naked truth whether we like it or not. Ashita says, ” no matter how little we cook, Indians have the habit of spreading the counter with a dozen spice boxes.” How true! And storage space is never enough. These kitchens are designed keeping in mind out cooking habits and the kind of storage needs we need. everything can be customized – from the height of your shelves inside, lighting for pullout drawers, number of shelves/drawers, load bearing capacity of each one of them.
  • She is biased towards concrete and natural stone over synthetic materials and Corian top for countertop material. The reason being over time, the latter has a tendency to absorb spices and discolor. Natural materials and concrete are sturdy and have the proven the test of time. You don’t want to be worried about the countertop cracking when using a mortar and pestle to grind ginger and cardamom every morning for that cuppa, would you?

How does the process work:

You reach out to Stosa Cucine with your requirements. They help you with the design. Once the design is finalized, the kitchen goes into production; it takes about 3 months for the kitchen to be manufactured and imported from Italy. After that, it’s a matter of days for the kitchen to be installed on site.

Why I liked this kitchen the best:

This one was hard to choose. I was oscillating between the unpolished wooden surface one and the stone finish one. My favorite was the Aleve kitchen for two reasons:

  • magnetic lacquered glass backsplash that makes it easy to hang accessories where and when you want.
  • magnetic
  • stone finish that it looks a concrete surface.

The store opening party was equally fun – elegantly dressed ladies, stimulating conversation, free-flowing canapes, and a whole floor decked in rustic style for dinner to end the evening.

dessert bar

To know more about how to order your kitchen, get in touch with the folks at Stosa Cucine.

This post is in collaboration with Stosa Cucine and GoodHomes Magazine.

Image credits: Dessert bar and aleve kitchen – Stosa Cucine India and GoodHomes Magazine


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