Stylish Storage Ideas : Open Shelves

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You’re well traveled. You love to cook. You’re an avid reader. You have an eye for interesting curios. Now, that means you have an impressive collection of souvenirs from the various countries you’ve visited, a good collection of recipe books, spices and well-stocked grocery, and an overflowing library. And, there’s always only so much space in an apartment to display one’s collectibles, right?

Umm, that’s true to only an extent. But, if you ask me, limited space is an excellent opportunity to change the look of your home often. Don’t you think cluttering a showcase with all those shot-glasses and porcelain frames from exotic locations is a tad boring and old-fashioned? For a minimalist look, introduce open shelves around the house. Line them asymmetrically to give it a stylish edge. The material is of your choice but wood looks classy.

Try not to clutter a shelf with too many similar objects. Change the display frequently by rotating your collectibles. This way you get to get out all you have on time or the other. Match a photo frame with a odd looking vase. Go wild. The part I like about open shelves is you don’t have to spend a fortune and it’s easy to maintain.

Plan carefully how many shelves you would need based on the room. If it’s a living/dining room, limit it to two or three. For a study/kids room, you can design them into open cubes for additional storage.

Here are several ideas for inspiration.

An assortment of shelves
An assortment of shelves

I liked this corner glass shelf for the eye-catching design.

Corner Glass Shelf
Corner Glass Shelf

The cubes are back –  my all-time favorite. You can use it to stock just about anything from books and art supplies to pantry items and kid’s toys in organizers/wicker baskets.


I think this is a brilliant kitchen shelving idea. If you are fond of cubes, you should check out Quad. Vineeta of artnlight recently blogged about this portable solution.

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  1. Pragyan Mohanty

    can you help me in finding floating shelves in Bangalore? i have searched many shops i am still not finding it. can you suggest any shop?



  2. laksh

    Hi Pragyan,

    You get them at Home Town. I’ve seen some at @ Home as well.

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