How This Designer Transformed a 1,600 sq.ft Open Terrace into a Home Spa

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From Clothes Line to Jaccuzzi: See the Transformation of This  Barely Used 1,600 sq.ft Terrace into a Home Spa

Clothes line.

One drying stand.

About 20 odd grow bags.

A washing machine.

Wondering what this paraphernalia is? These are some of the random things I can lay my eyes on the terrace now from where I type this post.  Pretty mundane and nondescript, huh? I guess as are most of our terraces.

While a lot of thought goes into the interiors of the house, budget is exhausted by the time one reaches landscaping and terrace. What if I told you your terrace had the potential to be converted into a spa? Come, let’s take a tour of how a 1,600 sq.ft terrace in Hyderabad got this amazing makeover.

This terrace has been conceptualized, designed and executed by Hyderabad-based architect Unnati Pingle of Unnati Pingle Design Studio. In a tete-a-tete with Unnati about the project.

Tell me a bit about the project -sqft, old or new and scope:
This project branched out from the interior of a residence we were doing in Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. The client thought that her terrace space on the 4th floor was going waste for just drying clothes and being misused by the house staff. Also her concern was to cash in the fabulous view she had of the the city from the location. Attaching some pictures of what it looked like before we took over enhancing the space. We started working on part of the terrace which had the view point of the city. Total area we had to uplift was about 1600 sq.ft. 
the terrace before the renovation
terrace before the renovation
What was the brief from the client?
The client wanted the following in the given space:
             1. A massage room.
             2. A steam room.
             3. Shower room.
             4. Powder room.
             5. A Jacuzzi.
             6. Bar.
             7. Sit Out
             8. Service Kitchen.
             9. Store.
The above were the least of the requirements. Anything more would have been a bonus. The space was mainly for the purpose of entertaining friends and also spend some family time. A mini resort feel was the brief, if I may put it that way. To maximize and not compromise on the view was something which the design revolved around from start.
Planning began around the brief. First step was obviously space planning- incorporating the list of requirements (listed above) in 2D. Upon approval of the same, we generated a few 3D’s for approval. 
space planning
2D rendering of the space
view from the jacuzzi
 entrance to bar
If you can share any details about materials if there was something unique such as tiles or wood that would be nice.
Like most of my projects, I have flashes of concepts and material the moment I see the space to be designed (or re-designed). Same was the case with this one. The concept was very clear- tropical contemporary! with a colour scheme of teak brown-green-grey-white-black. In my design concepts, Black and White are mainly used to break the use of colours. Materials & other elements used were:
            1. Wooden flooring: IPE outdoor matt backed deck tile 4-strip wood- for flooring. The purpose of usage of the “wooden flooring” and not imitation tiles (which are cheaper) was for the FEEL & COMFORT it gives when you walk (& touch). We used wooden flooring of IPE Deck plank (long patterns)- for seating. Comfortable seating for hot Hyderabad weather. 
unnati pingle
wooden flooring
            2. Vitrified tiles for flooring and wall cladding in the massage room, steam room, powder room & shower were obvious choices, because of its durability and maintenance. 
            3. Natural stone- Tandur, being my favorite natural stone, we had to use it. We narrowed down on grey Tandur to match the scheme. All the “stepping stones” were in long stripes of grey Tandur. 
tandur stone
            4. Artificial Turf- The rest of the area was covered in artificial turf and not natural grass because of maintenance and concern on time spent and flexing the budget getting the terrace waterproofed. 
artifica turf
            5. Black Granite: All the rest of the horizontal surfaces were covered in natural black granite.
            6. White Tiles: Since the terrace garden is open to sky, we wanted lowest maintenance from dirt from rain water falling on the surfaces. Hence easy clean solution was cheap white tiles. Imitating painted white walls. 
            7. Decorative elements- An artwork of honey comb design in mild steel (MS) square pipes with the intention of ivy/creepers growing over it eventually. Also a screen partially covering the kitchen and the sit-out space is in a combination of wooden stripes and MS pipes.
honeycomb design
honeycomb design
            8. A bar in wrought iron: client’s old piece that we re-used. 
wrought iron bar
            9. Furniture in WICKER and other fittings were bought locally. 
wicker furniture

This makeover makes me believe that every space has the potential to be transformed into something magical when it is in good hands. Coming up next is another home designed by Unnati Pingle.

Image courtesy: Unnati Pingle


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