Mustard Inspiration: See How These 8 Homes Effortlessly Use Yellow to Make Our Heads Turn

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All different interpretations of the same color in its various hues and shades; accent walls in this stunning color makes many a home stand out from the crowd. I fell in love with this shade years ago, and there’s at least one wall in the home that is painted in a variation of this color at any time.

Summer is here, and I can see vibrant colors all around me — from the nursery to the home gardens. This curated post is a first in celebration of colors flaunted by homes. So, how about starting with yellow?

The picture below is the entryway of a restored haveli in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that features an antique wooden facade, a distressed wooden seating and handmade painting on cloth.

Mustard inspiration: See how these 8 homes effortlessly use yellow to make our heads turn

Ace the Vintage Mustard Look

What works here: simplicity, age-old pictures, the gorgeous trunk, that accent chair, and the wall colors that acts as the perfect backdrop to bring them all together.

mustard yellow

Mustard Gallery Wall

This look wins as it is one that is not created in haste. There is a lot thought behind the symmetrical placing of collage on the wall, decorating in groups of three on the wall niche, and the careless table style adds to the charm.

Beautiful yellow

Complementing Colours

This understated room uses color blocking to draw attention. Mustard and red complement each other and are brilliantly reinforced as wall color and accessories.

Shivani Dogra

Ethnic Indian Home Dressed With FabIndia Finds

This ethnic Indian home is one of the most popular ones on this blog. Ramya and Anand’s home is a reflection of one’s personal style with traditional Indian touches such as a swing with brass chain, wooden bracket, bamboo mats, a Kerala mural painting and brass lamps to complete the look. The red flooring brings memories of homes of the yester years.

Ramya Anand

There is nothing much to talk about the color blocked pictures below as it speaks volumes with its ruffled look that just makes you want to drop everything and sink between the sheets. Love the de-cluttered look of this room.

colour blocking

If this is one home tour you have missed on the blog, then I suggest you tour this riot of colors. Neha and Gaurav’s home is a show stealer and the living-dining room below is just a peek into a home full of DIY ideas and surprises.

Neha and Gaurav's Apartment

Why should the interiors of a home have all the fun? You can create magic with yellow and blue on the exterior, too.

Gallery wall on mustard background
Mustard wall
Orange wall

Here are colour codes from major paint brands like Asian Paints, Berger, or Nerolac.

Asian Paint Mango Mood: X109

Berger Yellow zodiac: 3A0388

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  1. Shyama Sivasubramanian

    What a beautiful colour! The Mustard and grey combo works great for contemporary spaces. It is a great way to use this traditional colour!

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